How to make tennis net?


Tennis is a chic sport and having your own tennis court is a real privilege, especially because of its price.  This high sum includes the earthwork, surfacing, fencing and equipment. However, if you have the necessary land and you have the financial means, why not embark on this adventure? So Lumbuy made it more by bring portable tennis net at reasonable prices.

Space needed to build a tennis court

Before starting the construction of a tennis court, it is advisable to make a study of the composition of the ground of the ground as well as its luminosity and its inclination. A regulation simple tennis court measures 23.77 m X 8.23 ​​m. If you respect these dimensions, it will be easier for you to obtain the necessary equipment. However, if you do not have such a surface, it is enough that it is rectangular to be able to indulge in your favorite sport.


Before any operation, earthworks are essential. The rubble must be removed and the ground flattened. Depending on the slope of the ground, drainage may be required. If the ground is impermeable, it must have a slope of 1%. A rainwater drainage system should be considered. As for the foundations, limestone materials, chalk or dolomite, for example, should be preferred. These materials must be at least 15 cm thick and must be compact to allow rainwater to pass through. Cracks must be filled with small gravel to bring homogeneity and stability to the foundations.


You will then have to choose the type of flooring you want, depending on your budget and your preference. Concrete ? Clay ? Grass? Synthetic? The choice is vast.

A porous concrete tennis court has many advantages. Its manufacture, first of all, is fast and requires little labor. It requires little maintenance: just sweep it and wash it with water regularly to prevent the formation of moss and fungi. It offers an incomparable quality of play because the balls bounce better than on other rubbers.

A clay playing surface has been proven to limit the risk of injury. Its temperature on the ground is cooler because it retains its humidity, even in the event of strong heat, its surface bringing 20% ​​more freshness than other coatings. Clay courts allow for slower ball speeds, giving the player a more enjoyable game. After rain, its surface dries quickly. However, this type of coating requires annual maintenance.

Lawn tennis courts are rare in France, they are more widespread . They offer an optimal quality of play. However, the lawn deteriorates quickly, its maintenance cost is very high.


A tennis court must be equipped with a separation net. It can be basic (suitable for training) or thicker (for competition), equipped with a cable or a band. A separation net with band is stretched between two tennis posts, round or square.

The chair for the referee is essential. To ensure good visibility, you can buy a referee chair in aluminum or steel.

To facilitate storage around the field, it is practical to provide a basket for the balls and a support trolley to arrange the rackets.

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