How to stand out on Amazon as a seller

How to stand out on Amazon as a seller

Amazon is one of the top retail websites in the world. Thanks to Prime, you can now watch hit shows and films at home or download e-books and get free shipping on every order. You can also make money as an Amazon seller.

Though some think that Amazon sells products itself or only works with big brands, the site also features sellers who offer everything from clothing and books to home decor and video games. As a new seller or an older seller who noticed a slow down in sales, you can use some tips to stand out on Amazon.


Improve Your Product Descriptions

Have you ever tried to buy a product from Amazon and found that the description didn’t include anything helpful? Many buyers are less willing to buy from sellers who use a standard product description that contains little info or details.

To make your account stand out, think about what you would want to know and add it to your listing. Make sure that you use SEO to set your listing apart from others. You should also answer any questions a buyer might have and give shoppers at least one reason to buy it.

Get Rid of Gates

Amazon gates sellers to certain areas. For example, you may not have permission to sell video games as a new seller. Amazon has the final say on whether you can sell different products. James Thompson was once the Business Head of Amazon and he recommends that you try to sell as many different brands and products as possible. If you want to sell Nintendo products, you may need to submit an invoice that shows you bought from a licensed company. Amazon often requires an official invoice before the site will let sellers expand into new areas.

Promote Your Listings

When you work with an Amazon advertising agency, they will often recommend that you promote your listings. Most shoppers only look at the first page of products when they search on Amazon. If your product appears on the second page or even further down, you may not sell much or at all.

Sponsored ads are available for those who don’t mind spending money to make money. You can also use social media to promote your listings and encourage people to check them out. When you promote products on social media, make sure you include a code that lets shoppers save money.

Encourage Customers to Post Reviews

Amazon includes customer reviews on every product page. Though you might think that having tons of five-star ratings will help you increase sales, the opposite often happens. Many shoppers are wary of sellers who have perfect reviews.

They might think that you paid people to write reviews and that all of those ratings are fake. An easy way to improve your reviews is with a letter or note inside each package. Let customers know that you’ll give them an Amazon gift card if they write a review. The more honest reviews you have, the more new customers will want to buy from you.

Change Your Photos

With millions of products and sellers on Amazon, it’s often hard to stand out from the pack. One way you can reach shoppers and make them want to buy from you is with clear photos. Have you ever wanted to buy a product but found that the seller shared dark images that made it hard for you to see the item? Shoppers today want to know what the item looks like in real life as well as how it works. In addition to photos, try sharing some short videos that show your videos in action.

There are many ways to make money selling online through sites like Facebook and eBay, but none of those sites come close to reaching as many customers as Amazon does. As a seller, you can send in items and let Amazon list and ship them for you. Selling on your own takes more work but lets you make more money off each sale. As your sales grow, you’ll get even more customers. Some of the ways to stand out as an Amazon seller include changing the photos you use and looking for ways to promote your listings.

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