Mailing a Letter: Everything You Need to Know

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It might seem like a lost art to some, but writing and mailing a handwritten letter is still as important as it was a generation ago. Whether it is for a friend or a loved one, writing out hand-addressed letters can hit the heart in a way a text message never can.

Mailing letters also embark on a journey that can be both rewarding and fun. You can maintain a bit of nostalgia while people are waiting in line at the post office.

Are you thinking of mailing a letter? If so, keep reading to learn our top tips.

Get the Letter You Want to Mail

So that you can send the handwritten letter to the right recipient, it is very important that you know how to send a letter. Firstly, get your letter. Make sure that you read it again to check for errors and to see if you have written everything that you want to say to the recipient.

Choose an Envelope and Seal It

Choosing the right envelope for mailing is an important step. Make sure that the envelope you use is large enough for the contents. To double-check the size, measure the item you plan on mailing before you purchase an envelope.

Standard envelope sizes include 4.125 x 9.5 inches and 4.5 x 9.75 inches. Additionally, unless you are sending in large amounts of small items (like gift cards or coins), avoid using large letter envelopes. Once you have the right size and style envelope, you will need to seal it properly.

Address the Envelope Properly

It is important to have all of the information included so that it can reach its destination. List the recipient’s name and complete address on the center of the envelope. This should include the street address, city, state, and zip code.

On the line above the address, write the recipient’s name. After the address is written in large clear print, it should include the sender’s name and address.

Don’t Forget Your Return Address

When you want to send a postcard or mail a letter, it’s essential to indicate your return address. Your return address is an essential piece of information that informs the recipient who the sender is in case the mail doesn’t reach them or if something needs to be returned. This is important to include in the upper left corner of an envelope when mailing.

Take Your Letter to the Post Office

Mailing a letter has unique and simple steps to ensure your letter reaches its intended destination. There is a post office guide that you can follow to be sure that you do things properly.

At the post office, you can buy the necessary postage, verify the recipient’s address, and pay for special mail services such as delivery confirmation. Once you’ve paid for the delivery, you’ll usually get a receipt to show as proof of postage and delivery. And finally, drop your letter into the letter box.

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Is Mailing a Letter Something That You Wish to Try Now?

Mailing a letter can be simple and convenient with the right preparation. By following the steps listed, you’ll be able to avoid common mistakes when sending mail, and your letter will reach its destination. Whether it’s an update for friends and family or official business correspondence, take advantage of all the USPS has to offer and mail your letter today!

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