Staying Warm with the Best Fireplaces

Staying Warm with the Best Fireplaces

Staying warm during the winter can prove difficult for most homes and offices without a good fireplace to heat up the environment. Choosing a good fireplace for your home or office could be difficult. Hence, attention to detail is required to successfully make the best choice.

A fireplace also referred to an ingle is known as a structure built with brick, metal or stone, made to contain fire. They are not just intended to provide heat and warmth but are also for relaxation purpose. They provide relaxing ambiance as well as heat to a room. Modern ingles differ in terms of heat efficiency, depending on how they are designed. Refer to to learn more on the types of fireplaces and their purposes.

It can simply be understood to be a structure built to safely house a fire. This may be freestanding or fit into the main architecture of a building.

Types of Fireplaces

There are several types of ingles that can serve different types of buildings. Below is a quick rundown of the most common types available:

Wood Fireplace

This is a wood-burning hearth that provides heat, and a cozy ambiance. Wood hearth owners need to have some safety measures in place to ensure the fire does not exceed predetermined boundaries.

Wood hearth appeals to people that fancy that crackling sound made by burning wood. It gives your house an antique outlook and is desired by many for its cost effectiveness in comparison to other options. This is given that wood is more affordable than fuel and other alternatives.

However, this form emits the highest pollutants into your house and the atmosphere. It is advised to install efficient smoke alarms and always have an extinguisher handy if you decide on this hearth. They also need regular cleaning and large storage spaces for the required firewood. A good safety screen is needed to prevent embers from falling out of the hearth and to ensure family safety.

Gas fireplace

These fireplaces are affordable, energy-efficient option to wood-burning hearth. Some gas alternatives utilize a firebox as well as a chimney in order to burn and air natural gas.

This easy-to-install option can be inserted into an already existing hearth with a freestanding version. Gas alternatives do not pose much environmental hazards in comparison to wood. It is also regarded as being more efficient while providing similar ambiance of an actual flame.

On the downside, this alternative requires a gas line. You also risk gas hearth emitting excessive carbon monoxide which necessitates distinct safety sensors as well as carbon detectors. You can refer to this article for more information on this option.

Gas fireplace

Electric Fireplace

This fireplace is an affordable alternative that can be plugged into your wall. It makes use of coil as well as fan that distribute heat. It has a flickering phony flame to imitate the appearance of a traditional hearth. The fire ignites with the click of a switch – it does not require kindling.

Their vent less feature makes them cost effective to install, and some designs are also portable. An electric ingle produces the smallest amount of warmth when compared to other options. This feature makes them desirable in warm climates – where individuals may prefer the ambience of an ingle without the associated heat.

Ethanol Fireplace

This option burns ethanol in containers to generate actual flame and is regarded as being environmentally friendly. It enables you to discharge ethanol fuel straight into it. This option is highly desired for the creative varieties it has which include the table-top/ coffee table variety.

However, they produce less heat compared to other options.

Important Factors to Consider When Deciding on a Fireplace

If you are contemplating the best ingle to buy, the following factors could prove useful to aid your choice. The factors include;

Cost of Product

The amount budgeted to purchase a fireplace will greatly influence your choice. Wood burning cost a lot to install and maintain while other options may come at a cheaper price.

Infrastructure In Place

The infrastructure already in place will determine your choice of ingle. The space available will help you decide the alternative you will choose. Bigger space and higher budget can afford you more reliable and effective ingle. Portable options might be better fit for your home if you have limited space.

Desired Heat

The amount of heat you desire is equally crucial. If you reside in a warmer climate and desire the ambiance of an ingle devoid of the heat, electric or outdoor ingle may appeal to you. Conversely, gas alternatives may be better for you to efficiently provide warmth for an entire building in a very cold climate. This is in contrast to ethanol alternatives.


Fireplaces are a most-have for every home in a cold climate especially during winter. It is therefore very important that you critically examine your options and decide wisely. Proper and regular examination and maintenance of your ingle of choice is recommended to prevent any negative eventualities.

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