5 Ways to Achieve Energy in the Morning Without Coffee

5 Ways to Achieve Energy in the Morning Without Coffee

If you are one of those who struggle to keep their eyes open halfway through the day and believe coffee is the only solution, you are at the right place. Even though coffee can help you boost energy and increase concentration, it can affect health and wellness in the long term and cause addiction, so you won’t be able to go through the day without drinking it. 

Luckily, coffee isn’t the only option, and there are many ways to feel more energised and focused during the day without drinking coffee all day long. In fact, some supplements are much more efficient and safer, so they won’t make you feel addicted and even promote your health. 

Increase Your Vitamin D 

One of the most efficient and healthiest alternatives to coffee is vitamin D. We tend to get it naturally from sun exposure, but not every country has summer all year around, so we need to get this vitamin from supplements. While vitamin D is well-known for its natural energising properties, it also helps stabilise hormones and improve mood. Increasing vitamin D levels either by getting more sunlight or from supplements can help you reduce muscle fatigue and keep your body cells healthy. 

Get Enough Vitamin B12 

A vitamin B12 deficiency is when our body lacks vitamin B12, which is an essential element in keeping your blood and nerve cells healthy. A deficiency of this vitamin can cause fatigue and weakness.

Most healthy adults require 2.4 micrograms of vitamin B12 per day. However, vegetarians and vegans may have issues getting enough vitamin B12 since only animal food contains this element. 

You can consider the best over the counter wake up pills that are infused with caffeine, vitamin B5, Zinc and vitamin B12. They should be taken when going to sleep as they offer slow release and start working when you need to wake up, giving you the needed energy boost and concentration for the day ahead. 

Take a Break from Physical Activity 

If you don’t have enough time or motivation in the morning to start your day with physical activity, you will probably feel exhausted and sleepy during the day. So if you are not keen on working out as soon as you wake up, take a break during the day and invest time into any activity you prefer.

For example, it can be a yoga session or swimming, anything you like. Having enough physical activity during the day also helps you fall asleep faster, which is essential if you want to wake up feeling energised and refreshed.

Do Breathing Exercises 

It could be hard to start the day with workouts for most of us, so you can consider switching gym to breathing techniques, which is known as pranayama. These techniques have been shown to positively affect your mind and how your body feels, allowing you to boost energy and increase concentration.

Drink Enough Water 

Drinking water in the morning will inform your digestion that you have already worked up, and it will send signals to the rest of the body. In addition, hydrating yourself can help you improve overall health, boost your metabolism and keep your wellness in check – all factors helping you stabilise your sleep and wake-up cycle. It also makes it easier for you to replace coffee.


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