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The increasing number of users of Spotify shows its popularity among the public. That’s because Spotify can provide people with a series of soundtracks, music, and other services.

Although it is the most famous music streaming service platform, Spotify is not without limitations. People can’t listen to their Spotify music offline unless a premium service is subscribed to. In addition, Spotify is the only player that downloaded music can later be played on even if you pay a premium subscription and download music from the music player.

Confronted with such problems, users may turn to a Spotify downloader that can transform Spotify music into a more flexible format, like MP3. Among all those possible tools, SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter can be a better choice.


What is SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter? The product delivers on its promise. As a music converter, it focuses on Spotify music, and it is equipped with many functions that distinguish it from other Converters. In this part, our SpotiKeep review will display several outstanding features to help you better understand how this program works.

SpotiKeep Converter is a software with a user-friendly interface by which you can download your music from Spotify without subscribing to the Premium plan.

Download music effortlessly with DRM removal

With the Converter, you can effortlessly eliminate the Digital Right Management (DRM) safeguard from all Spotify music. DRM protection restricts the playback of Spotify tracks in Ogg Vorbis format to the Spotify player only. Consequently, by removing DRM, you can effortlessly download Spotify songs, albums, and playlists, allowing you to listen to top-notch Spotify music even when offline.

Convert music to various formats losslessly

SpotiKeep Converter helps you to save your Spotify music as MP3, WAV, FLAC, or M4A audio formats with 100% lossless quality. Spotify Premium is the only way to access MP3 Spotify music on Spotify. However, with SpotiKeep Converter, you can listen to MP3 Spotify music without subscribing to Spotify Premium.

Keep original metadata and ID3 tags

The ID3 tag enables the storage of information within a file, including the title, artist, album, track number, year, and cover picture. The Converter ensures that all metadata is retained when converting Spotify music to MP3 or other audio formats. This information can be easily accessed to help you efficiently organize your downloaded Spotify songs.

Batch Downloading Available

The original audio quality of Spotify music can be maintained while converting it at a speed that is five times faster. Furthermore, batch converting can be performed, which allows you to add a playlist or album from Spotify in groups, thus saving you more time.

Operate conveniently with a user-friendly interface

After downloading the Converter through the official channel on your computer, you can log in to your Spotify account and select the playlist from which you wish to download songs. You can then view the songs in the SpotiKeep Converter, choose the desired tracks, select the final format, and click “Convert.”


When it comes to how to download spotify songs without premium, SpotiKeep can save a lot of time and energy because of its easy operation. First off, you should download and install SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter either on Windows or Mac. Then follow the steps below.

Step 1. Open a Spotify Playlist

After installing the Converter, you can launch it and open the Spotify web player. Next, log in using your Spotify account and select songs from your existing playlists or create a new one if necessary.

Open a Spotify Playlist

Step 2. Check Songs from SpotiKeep

To access the SpotiKeep Spotify Converter, click on the green button located in the corner, or alternatively, you can simply drag the songs to the designated area.

Check Songs from SpotiKeep

Step 3. Start the conversion

Select the songs and ensure the right format. Then you can convert one only or all those selected.

Start the conversion

Pros and cons of SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter

Since you have already gotten a main idea of SpotiKeep, we here make it clearer for you by listing its advantages and a smattering of shortages


  • Download Spotify songs, albums, and playlists easily.
  • Convert Spotify music to a variety of output formats: MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC.
  • High-quality audio with no loss.
  • User-friendly interface for everyone.
  • 5X faster speed for conversion and saving time.
  • Preserve original ID3 tags and metadata information.


  • Provide a free trial of conversion for only a no-more-than-three-minute song.
  • The free trial will expire in one month.

TIPS You can check our pricing details on it.


We’ve already shared the related information of SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter. Currently, it ranks as the best Spotify MP3 Converter, which attributes to its easy operation and excellent performance. What about trying a free trial to explore more about it? Make your love for music shine by enjoying Spotify music offline with SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter.

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