Daniel Patry Murder: The heartbreaking story of Daniel Patry, 16, assassinating his 12-year-old pal Gabriel Kuhn!

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What may have prompted a young boy to murder a friend with whom he had a same hobby – gaming? What’s more important: money or girls?

This tragic tragedy occurred in Brazil in 2007, and it is unquestionably a story worth reading.

The media has renewed its focus on an old murder case that has piqued the interest of internet users. Yes, we’re talking about a 2007 murder case involving two teenagers, one of whom died. The case has recently resurfaced.

daniel patry crime scene

When the matter was brought to light online in 2007, people were inquisitive about what happened. The murder of a 12-year-old kid by a 16-year-old was shocking and upsetting. This article covers the entire story as well as the kids who were involved.

The murder of Gabriel Kuhn has resurfaced in the aftermath of the autopsy findings. His life was taken in another homicide case. Although the murder occurred in 2007, the case is gaining attention owing to various facts. The youngster was killed at their home, according to sources, and died of serious injuries. At the time, the issue drew a lot of public attention. Learn more about Gabriel Kuhn’s passing.

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry’s information was updated on March 22nd, 2022: Autopsy Pictures and Story Explained.

According to authorities, Gabriel Kuhn, 12, was murdered by Daniel Patry, 16, after being abused and bullied for over a month. The incident occurred in Blumenau, Brazil. The whole affair began with a video game called Tibia.

According to some accounts, Daniel killed Gabriel because he wanted money after Gabriel accepted money from him for the game and then refused to repay him.

Daniel had been a brat throughout his youth, and his parents had tried to persuade him to go to psychiatric therapy, but he refused.

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry

Daniel and his buddies Gabriel and Stephen began playing the online role-playing game ing Tibia. Gabriel, a neighborhood boy, befriended Daniel while they were both playing the game. While playing the Tibia game, Gabriel requested Daniel for 20,000 virtual currency. Daniel agreed to lend him money on the condition that he repay it as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, Daniel Patry kept contacting his mother to see when she would return. By refusing to refund the money, Gabriel prevented him from contacting the other members of their gang.

Daniel dialed his mother’s number to find out if she intended to return to Nova Trento. His mother was in Nova Trento around 9 p.m. on the night of the incident (TIM).

He then proceeded to Gabriel’s residence and knocked on the door, only to find it locked. Daniel assured him that everything would be alright if he apologized to him. Because he believed what he said was true, Gabriel unlocked the door.

Daniel assaulted Gabriel after entering the house and shutting the door behind him. He assaulted him severely. After that, he was drenched in blood, and Daniel began to chuckle.

When Gabriel threatened to reveal some of his family secrets, Daniel became even angrier, so he put a string around Gabriel’s neck.

How Daniel Patry murdered Gabriel Kuhn

How Daniel Patry murdered Gabriel Kuhn

Patry’s parents were understanding of their son’s outbursts and even took him to a psychiatrist, but he didn’t complete the session and pulled out of therapy in the midst. He is often punished at school for not attending classes and skipping courses.

He was so addicted to the online game Tibia that he would forego school and other activities to play it. He met Gabriel while playing the game and lent him 20,000 dollars. He pleaded with Gabriel to reimburse the money as quickly as possible, but Gabriel refused and even blocked him.

Despite Gabriel’s refusal to answer the door, Daniel was angered and went to his residence. Daniel assured Gabriel that he would not speak to him again if he apologized.

Gabriel entered the room and opened the door, using Daniel’s jargon. Daniel entered the room and closed the door from the inside. Gabriel tried to frighten Daniel by threatening to reveal his house secret to the public, but his plan backfired, and Daniel became outraged and killed Gabriel. This is the complete story of Gabriel Khun’s murder. Daniel Patry is currently unknown to us.

Where Is Daniel Patry Now?

Where Is Daniel Patry Now?

At the present, Daniel Patry is said to be living freely.

According to sources, despite the fact that he admitted his mistake without remorse, he was only sentenced to three years in prison for his heinous crime. For his socio-educational behavior, he received a scolding.

He stated he would finish his vengeance in hell when the court inquired if he had any final remarks before being sentenced to prison. He didn’t feel sorry for the parents of a young child who had perished.

The $1.75 in virtual money was never repaid, but it cost the life of a small child.

Daniel Patry Parents & Family

Daniel Patry appears to have great and loving parents. His parents’ identities, on the other hand, are yet to be published on social media.

The authorities have not revealed the perpetrator’s personal information for a variety of reasons.

As a result, there is limited information regarding Daniel’s parents.

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