3 Simple Ways We Can Help The Planet!

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More recently, many of us are trying to reduce the impact we’re having on the planet, whether that’s walking instead of using our car, reducing single-use plastic drink cups, swapping them for reusable alternatives, and reducing overall energy use so that we can save the planet and its non-renewable resources. It’s essential that we make a change before we damage the planet irreparably. Read on to find out more about why you should make the change, and what you can do to help.

Why should we make a change? 

It’s our job to protect the world that we live in, and over the last couple of years, the impact that we’re having is becoming more apparent. We should all try and make a change so that we can reduce the number of harmful gases and emissions that are being produced that all contribute to global warming. We should be more mindful of the waste we discard and the materials that we use so that we can keep our environment healthy and thriving, without putting habitats and animals at risk.

 Making a change to more renewable resources means we can live more sustainably and reduce the rate at which we’re set to run out of these resources. Changing the way we live means our planet can remain a happy and healthy place to live for years to come, and there are so many ways in which we can change to make this a reality. Here are 3 ways in which we can help the planet. 

  • Recycle and reuse 

The waste that we produce is one of the biggest contributors to global warming. The more waste we produce, the more waste ends up in landfills, which produce dangerous gases and destroy the environment for plants and animals. Being more mindful of the types of materials you choose to use, for example switching to paper packaging rather than plastic, means you can reduce the amount of waste you dispose of. Paper can break down more easily back into the earth, as opposed to plastic which emits harmful chemicals back into the earth. You could also choose reusable products like water bottles and coffee cups to reduce your waste, as a more sustainable solution. 

  • Reduce energy use

Some methods of energy production contribute to the production and use of fossil fuels, so the less energy that you use, the less has to be generated – as a result, this means less damage to the planet. Making sure that you don’t use unnecessary energy means you can help reduce climate change and the issues that come with it. Turn off your lights when you leave a room, turn off appliances at the plug, and keep your heating turned down until you really need it. One of the bonuses that come with reducing your energy use is that it can not only help the planet but reduce your bills too! 

  • Walk or cycle 

Driving releases dangerous gases into the air. This is why more of us are changing to hybrid, or electric vehicles to reduce our carbon footprint. If more of us choose to cycle or walk short distances instead of taking our cars, we can help reduce the impact of these harmful gases that contribute to climate change. If you’re travelling long distances, try and take public transport to reduce your emissions even further. Walking and cycling can also have a positive impact on your health – it’s a win-win! 

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