3 Tips for Getting a Replacement Diploma

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Did you lose your diploma? Can’t find a substitute copy?

Don’t worry. No matter how discouraging any of these situations may be, the solution is to get a replacement.

There are steps you can take that can remedy the issue of lacking a copy of your diploma. From inquiring with the school district to asking the state government, you’ll likely find a solution that works.

This article covers three tips for getting a replacement diploma. Read on to learn what you should do and move on with your life!

  1. Contact the School

Contact the school for your lost diploma and talk to school administrators if required. Provide all the necessary documents and details that the school will require to proceed.

Submit a written request to the school’s registrar’s office or relevant department mentioning all the details you have collected. The request should include the reasons for the need for a replacement.

The school will then confirm the requirements and inform you of the application fee for a replacement diploma. You will have to pay the fee for them to begin the process. Once the payment is made, the school will begin the process and you will have to wait for the diploma.

  1. Use a Replacement Diploma Service

To order replacement master degree diploma, you better look for a service. It is a great way to save time and money if you have lost or damaged your original diploma. The process is simple and efficient.

Provide the replacement service with your school information, a copy of your original diploma, and the amount you want to spend. The diploma replacement service then uses their credentials to contact the college or university, get the diploma created and printed, and deliver it to you. The turn-around time for most requests is usually about two weeks for most schools, much faster than waiting for the college or university to send the diploma direct.

Before making a purchase, it is always important to get a warranty with your order. This will ensure your protection in case of any issues with the item you purchase.

A return or exchange policy is also beneficial. This will cover you in the event that you are not satisfied with the product or it does not meet your expectations.

  1. Check with Your State Government or Department of Education

You may want to inquire which department handles college degree replacement diplomas, as they vary by state. In most cases, you will need to contact the school district in which you attended.

You will need to give copies of your birth certificate, Social Security card, and any other supporting documentation to verify your identity. You need to give the graduation date and your name as seems on the original diploma. Fees and turnaround time will depend on your individual school.

You can inquire about fast-track options, if available, to speed up the process. Provide a mailing address for the diploma to be sent.

Replacement Is Possible

A replacement diploma is possible, so don’t panic! If you have lost yours, do some research and find out who you need to contact to begin the process. Your hard work and success deserve to be acknowledged, so take action and get your diploma today.

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