7 Projects that Necessitate a Commercial Paving Company

7 Projects that Necessitate a Commercial Paving Company

Commercial paving companies are known to take on some of the most important projects that help our society function. Without them, we would not be able to work, and perform our favorite activities, nearly as easily. Understanding which projects necessitate a commercial paving company will only give you that much more appreciation for the hard work they do every single day. To help educate you on this important subject, here are seven projects that necessitate a commercial paving company to complete correctly:

1. Pavement Markings

Without pavement markings, roadways would be a disaster. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how roads are kept so safe and efficient, the answer your mind is looking for is pavement markings. Because paving companies are so well versed in how asphalt and other paving products function, they also understand how to create pavement markings that will last for decades. Without these fantastic markers, the world just would not function as well as it does.

2. Shopping Center Lots

Shopping center lots are one of the largest commercial projects that paving companies take on. The sheer amount of prep work, preplanning, asphalt paving, finishing, and other tasks that go into making the lot that you use at the mall is difficult to comprehend. Without a commercial paving company at the helm of these projects, it’s difficult to imagine how many mistakes would occur. Thankfully, shopping centers understand this and hire professionals to get the job done right.

3. Office Parks

Speaking of massive undertakings, office parks are another massive project that commercial paving companies are known to handle. Both construction and maintenance for office parks are typical projects that commercial paving companies take on. Given that more people are expected to return to the office, although some offices are now mostly virtual, regularly over the next few years, you’ll see more work being done on office parks soon. The need for maintenance before people swarm back into the office parks will be especially notable.

4. Concrete Curbing

Curbs are key to road safety, both for drivers and pedestrians. By providing a clear barrier between driving spaces and walkways, commercial properties can function more efficiently as well. Commercial paving companies are always looking for these contracts because they are plentiful and bring in solid income. Since curbing is made almost completely out of asphalt products, commercial paving companies are fit to get the job done both quickly and correctly. Next time you’re enjoying the convenience and comfort of concrete curbing, thank your local commercial paving company.

5. Demolition Needs

To make conditions safe and prepared for practically any commercial paving project, demolition and excavation work must occur first. While the amount of this type of work can vary greatly, you’ll always need at least some demo work before the larger job can begin. Because this is the case, the majority of commercial paving companies have outfitted their workers with the skills and equipment needed to perform demolition and excavation work at a moment’s notice. The savings, both in money and time, that this passes onto the customer is hard to overstate and proves once again how amazing the commercial paving company professional model has become.

6. Road Resurfacing

Roads are the backbone of our society. No matter where you’re thinking of going, it’s almost certainly going to involve driving on a road. To keep roads reliable, safe, and properly maintained, paving companies are a must. Because asphalt products are so flexible and easy to repair at a moment’s notice, paving companies have been using the product to resurface the country’s roads for many, many decades. Since roads exist almost everywhere, this is the most common commercial paving project you’re likely to experience.

7. Warehouses

When you’re looking at warehouses, almost all of them have a concrete foundation (and many of them also have fully concrete floors). Because these projects (while big), take less time to complete than other larger projects, they are one of the more lucrative and common projects that commercial paving companies take on each year. When they are looking to keep the lights on, they will be thrilled to find themselves hired to set up the foundation and floors for a new warehouse (or to perform maintenance on an existing one).

Paving is the Backbone of Our Culture

Because so many essential structures are made possible by commercial paving companies, it’s difficult to understand how our culture would function without the backbone they provide. Thankfully, the business of commercial paving is booming, especially after the recent infrastructure bill was passed by Congress.


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