7 Ways to Make Money with Apps in 2023 with Real Examples from Top Apps

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The app industry is expanding, and the number of apps that produce money is increasing. In 2023, 25% more app developers earned more than $2 million than in 2023. Anyone who claims that the app market is saturated and that there is no more money to be made is most likely not working hard enough or smartly enough. Mobile app development Dallas, on the other hand, are producing more money than ever.

They are, however, the excellent ones.

For certainly, the time for gimmick apps has passed. The early years of the app store were characterized by app curiosity, with people downloading anything that appeared to be a fascinating pastime. Anyone who is still flirting with those concepts is clearly out of date.

Good apps, on the other hand, are not only still profitable, but consumers are eagerly anticipating newer, more innovative apps that will make their lives easier.

There is always room for producing an app and making money from applications if you have an innovative solution to a problem.

Here’s a quick rundown of some mind-boggling mobile app statistics from App Annie Intelligence and SensorTower if you’re a numbers person. For more information, please see our extensive article on mobile app development Houston statistics that will define app development in 2023.

I could continue, but you get the idea. Apps make money, and that is simply the truth. So, how can you avoid falling into the skeptics’ trap and instead create a profitable app?

You must create basic yet effective apps that solve very real problems that people around you encounter in order to generate money. That’s a little too broad, so here are the top 7 ways you can generate money with applications.

1. Have A Clear Business Model, Not Just an idea

Yes, there is a distinction. An concept can become popular and widely distributed. However, a business model explains how that idea will be paid for.

Here’s an illustration. Creating a mobile payments app is a fantastic idea. Following India’s unexpected and huge demonetization, mobile wallet apps such as Paytm, Mobikwik, and Freecharge gained tens of millions of new customers in a couple of weeks.

These mobile wallet apps, on the other hand, were all free. They didn’t appear to have any sort of revenue strategy.

Users did download and utilize them, but the apps did not produce a lot of money.

2. Understand App Monetization Strategies

How can free apps generate revenue?

Apps can be used to create money in a variety of ways. In-app purchases benefit some apps more than others. Others are derived from subscriptions. You must choose one that is an exact match for your business concept. Here’s a quick rundown of the top Nearshore Mobile App Development in Mexico monetization strategies.

In-app Ads

Of course, in-app advertising is the most popular revenue approach. It worked for newspapers a century ago. Of course, it can also work for your app. Mobile ad expenditure is skyrocketing, and if you can get enough downloads, your app can earn money through in-app adverts.

Focus on collecting and retaining a sizable number of downloads if you choose the in-app advertisements revenue method. A bigger number of downloads will result in a higher pricing for ad space, allowing you to make more money from your mobile app.

In-app purchases

This applies to apps that provide their basic service for free and certain add-on capabilities for a fee. These are optional and hence do not prevent free consumers, keeping your download numbers high. Simultaneously, if you’ve won your users’ trust, they’ll be happy to pay for the extras.

This concept is typically used for games, but it has also been applied in other categories to make money from apps.


The freemium model of app monetization involves providing basic functionality for free and charging a subscription fee for a more feature-rich version with additional perks. Tinder Gold Subscription, Spotify Premium, and other services are examples.

Subscription Apps

The subscription economy has exploded in the previous five years, thanks to the introduction of online streaming programs such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. The business model is rather simple. Pay a monthly charge to use the app’s services indefinitely.

Because it provides a consistent flow of revenue month after month, the subscription model is one of the trendiest trends in app monetization and a highly sought after approach to make money from apps.

To accomplish this done, you must focus on producing a consistent supply of high-quality material for your users. It’s a lot of work, but the results are worth it.

Choose your mobile app monetization method wisely, and your app will make more money.

3. Your App Must Solve a Real-World Problem with Amazing Technology

No, you don’t have to have a ground-breaking, earth-shattering, wheel-reinventing idea to produce a profitable app. A good concept is one that combines simple design with creative technology to solve everyday issues in a beautiful way.

What you really require is a good answer to an actual problem. You must create a great new technology that makes things simple. You must either test your coding abilities or employ the best coders for the job.

Fart sound apps can be downloaded for free, but no one pays for them. Fancy ideas are interesting, but in order to truly make profitable apps, you must tackle problems that a large number of people confront on a regular basis.

·        Taxi hailing was a serious issue. This resulted in Uber, the world’s most popular on-demand app.

·        Finding economical, safe holiday lodging was a major source of concern. Hello there, Airbnb.

·        Meeting like-minded single partners in your neighborhood is a mid-life crisis. Tinder is here!

All of these apps did not need the creation of any new products. Or, for that matter, create opportunity. They only needed to find it. However, the concept of “let’s make an app that can get you a taxi from your phone” was insufficient. Uber is the result of a mountain of technological vision, business skill, and scrolls upon scrolls of superb code. Finally, investing in technology and establishing a strong staff are what turn an app into a profitable business.

Pay attention to life’s simplest problems. Find an elegant and simple solution using an app. That’s all – your easy answer to the age-old question of how to make money making apps.


At Linkitsoft, a nice app is always welcome. Apps can always be used to create money. In 2023, consumers are more willing than ever to use app-based solutions wherever possible. This opens the door to increasing app earnings and the opportunity to make a lot of money by developing apps. Quality is the ultimate secret. If you follow the guiding principles outlined above, you will design an app that generates revenue simply by providing value to users and making their lives easier. There will be no gimmicks or trickery. True high-revenue apps are those that benefit the user.

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