Always Green Landscaping Partners With TruGreen

Always Green Landscaping Partners With TruGreen

When it comes to landscaping, the use of sustainable materials is a must. That’s why Always Green Landscaping has partnered with TruGreen, a company that promotes sustainable products. However, there are several costs associated with using green materials for landscaping. These include labor, maintenance, and fertilizers.

Always Green Landscaping has partnered with TruGreen

TruGreen has expanded its services to include the contiguous United States and Washington, D.C. The company offers a variety of lawn-care plans, as well as mosquito and pest control and tree and shrub care. Founded in Memphis, Tennessee in 1974, TruGreen has grown to be a nationwide organization with 260 branch offices and 35 franchise locations. The company also offers services in Alaska.

Customers can get a custom quote for their lawn services by going online to the TruGreen website. Simply answer a few questions about the condition of your lawn and your goals for your lawn. After entering this information, they will be directed to a tool that uses an aerial map to calculate the square footage of their property. Then, they can check out. Once the job is completed, customers can pay with a credit card or set up a payment plan.

The company has partnered with Keep America Beautiful to implement a beautification program called “TruNeighbor.” The goal of this initiative is to reduce blight in communities and improve access to green spaces. Last year, TruGreen launched beautification pilot projects in Lansing, Michigan, and Gary, Indiana. Through these projects, the company helped to revitalize a public gathering space in Lansing and is creating a public orchard in Gary.

Aside from mowing your lawn, TruGreen also provides a variety of a la carte services. TruGreen also offers a Healthy Lawn Guarantee (r) where if you are unhappy with their service, the company will send a technician to fix it for you. Customers can also opt to have certain services performed on a one-time basis, such as single seeding or weed control. Likewise, they can opt to have the soil amended with a lime-based soil amendment to balance the pH level of their lawn.


If you’re interested in learning more about how Always Green landscaping can benefit your business, you’ve come to the right place. In addition to providing quality landscaping and snow removal services, Always Green is also working with a leading provider of business operations software and marketing solutions. Waypoint Analytical provides precision soil testing and analytics integration into its flagship CRM solution.


Always Green landscaping can be expensive, but there are several ways to cut your expenses and maintain a beautiful yard. Choosing sustainable plants and soils can lower your water bill while also making your yard more beautiful and inviting. For example, you can add a water-conserving lawn to your property for only a few dollars a year.

Green Landscaping Tips

Green landscaping is an excellent option if you’re looking to enhance your property while also preserving the environment. It not only reduces your water bill but also reduces your carbon footprint. Using native plants will help you create a beautiful outdoor environment that will support local wildlife and the ecosystem. Native plants will also require less water, fertilizer, and pesticides than other plants. They can also make your home a more comfortable place to live and play.

There are numerous resources for green landscaping on the Internet. The EPA, for example, offers grants for green landscaping projects. These grants help people reduce their carbon footprint and improve the quality of water and air in their local communities. Other ways to reduce your carbon footprint include driving less and carpooling. Additionally, you can use hybrid and electric vehicles to reduce your fuel costs.

Using organic materials in landscaping is an excellent way to add nutrients to the soil. This will improve the quality of air, water, and soil. Adding compost to your yard will also add beneficial nutrients to your plants. If you’re worried about the quality of your soil, you can always test it for any deficiencies or contaminants. The Soil Foodweb Lab and Cornell Cooperative Extension have the necessary tools for analyzing the soil in your area.

Another way to enhance your landscaping is by incorporating hardscapes. They help minimize water use and don’t require fertilization or mowing. In addition to this, hardscapes also help stabilize slopes and reduce erosion. You can also use permeable pavers to reduce runoff.

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