At What Age Do You Sell Your French Bulldog Puppies?

sell my french bulldog

We don’t send any of our Frenchie puppies to their new families before they’re 8 weeks old based on our experience (they need the socialization of their litter mates and mom until then). To give them a little more time to bond with their littermates and be better prepared to move into their new homes, we really like to keep them until they are 9 weeks old. Because Frenchie infants mature at varying rates, just like human kids, there are times when we’ll want to keep a puppy a bit longer. Most babies are eating like horses by the time they are 8 weeks old (after being weaned from their mother’s milk for a week or two), but occasionally some babies are still very selective eaters, gaining weight slowly, and developing a little more slowly.

We realize how stressful it might be to wait for your little one, but before placing your puppy with you, we want to make sure she is ready to move into your house. Please understand that we are only doing this to ensure that your puppy is completely ready to leave the other puppies and mom and move into your home. We had planned to place your puppy in your home at 9 weeks, but due to his/her development, we recommend that we keep your puppy for another week or two.

Our puppies will have received their first two of the three required DAPP vaccinations (the initial doses are administered at 6 and 9 weeks of age) as well as the first of two Bordetella vaccinations by the time we begin placing our puppies in their new forever homes at around 9 weeks of age. At 12 weeks, they are due for their third DAPP and Bordetella shots in addition to their rabies immunization.

You will be accountable for receiving the DAPP vaccinations that your puppy still needs, as specified in the Sales Contract of sell my french bulldog, based on the age of your puppy when it was placed with you. Additionally, we have given your puppy routine deworming medications and coccidia and giardia prevention therapies (although all dogs carry coccidia, and giardia is everywhere, and both can flare up under the stress of moving to a new home, a diet change, a new environment, etc.). Additionally, in order to ensure that your puppy is healthy enough to be placed in your house, we will visit our veterinarian before bringing him or her to live with you.

In the lower 48 states, Canada, or Alaska, your Frenchie puppy will be personally delivered to you by one of our responsible carriers at the closest major airport. Puppy air shipping as cargo is possible with United Airlines and occasionally with other airlines when the temperature is below 75 degrees, but we strongly advise against it and won’t do it unless absolutely necessary.

Can My Frenchie Be Safely Shipped?

We are fortunate to have a number of excellent puppy chaperones (puppy nannies) who personally deliver our Frenchie puppies to their new owners at the nearest major airport in the form of carry-on luggage. This is the least stressful way to travel with your puppy if you are unable to pick him or her up at our house because they will be well-cared for in the climate-controlled cabin under the continual supervision of one of our carriers. For a typical charge of $400, which we pay directly to our carriers, we can deliver your puppy to any major airport in the lower 48 states at any time of the year. For a little bit more money, we can ship to Alaska and Canada as well. Unfortunately, owing to the lengthy quarantine period needed, we are unable to deliver puppies to Hawaii. Additionally, unless you are able to fly into Salt Lake City to personally pick up your puppy, we do not ship puppies abroad (except for Canada).

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