Exploring Taiwan’s Hidden Gems: A Family Tour Guide Beyond the Typical Itinerary

Exploring Taiwan's Hidden Gems: A Family Tour Guide Beyond the Typical Itinerary

Hello, fellow travelers! I’m excited to share with you some of Taiwan’s hidden gems that are perfect for kids and family Taiwan tours. Taiwan, with its rich cultural tapestry and stunning landscapes, offers a plethora of experiences that are both educational and fun for the whole family.

Why Taiwan for Family Tours?

Taiwan is an island of incredible diversity, from bustling night markets in Taipei to the serene beauty of Sun Moon Lake. It’s a place where your family can experience both the modern and the traditional, the urban and the natural, all within a relatively compact area that’s easy to travel around.

The Road Less Traveled

While popular attractions like the Taipei 101 and the National Palace Museum are a must-see, there’s so much more to Taiwan. Venturing off the beaten path with your family can lead to unforgettable experiences and stories to tell for years to come.

Hidden Gems for Families

Taiwan, a land teeming with cultural richness and natural beauty, holds countless treasures waiting to be discovered by families. Let’s delve into some of these lesser-known but incredibly captivating destinations.

The Enchanting Alishan Forest Railway

  • An Unforgettable Journey: Riding the Alishan Forest Railway is like stepping into a storybook. The train chugs through dense forests, over bridges, and past waterfalls. You’ll find children pressing their noses against the windows, eyes wide with wonder as they watch the scenery unfold.
  • Sunrise Magic: A must-do is witnessing the sunrise from the Alishan viewpoint. It’s an early start, but the sight of the sun emerging from a sea of clouds is mesmerizing for all ages.
  • Tea Plantations: Along the route, there are sprawling tea plantations. Families can stop and learn about tea cultivation, even trying their hand at picking tea leaves.

Yehliu Geopark’s Martian Landscape

  • Geological Wonders: The park is a natural classroom, showcasing how wind and sea erosion shape the landscape. Kids love imagining they’re explorers on another planet.
  • Interactive Trails: Follow the marked trails to view the rock formations, each with its own story. Information boards along the way make it an educational experience for curious minds.

Penghu Islands: A Beach Paradise

  • Water Sports: These islands aren’t just about relaxing on the beach. Engage in water activities like snorkeling, windsurfing, or kayaking, perfect for adventurous families.
  • Local Culture: Visit the traditional villages on the islands. Their unique architecture and laid-back way of life offer a glimpse into a different side of Taiwan.

Tainan’s Cultural Treasures

  • Historical Exploration: In Tainan, every street corner tells a story. Visit Fort Provincia or the Anping Tree House to delve into the history of the region.
  • Street Food Adventure: Tainan is known as the food capital of Taiwan. Strolling through its night markets, families can embark on a culinary adventure, tasting everything from oyster omelets to mango shaved ice.
  • Traditional Crafts: Participate in local workshops like pottery-making or traditional lantern crafting, providing hands-on cultural experiences for both kids and adults.

Each of these destinations in Taiwan offers a unique experience, blending education, adventure, and relaxation. They’re places where families can not only enjoy themselves but also connect with the vibrant culture and nature of Taiwan. These hidden gems are the perfect addition to any family itinerary, promising a trip filled with discovery and cherished memories.

Engaging Kids in the Journey

Traveling with kids is not just about seeing new places; it’s about engaging them in a way that turns each step of the journey into a fun, learning experience. Here are some creative ways to keep your kids intrigued and involved throughout your Taiwan adventure.

Interactive Learning

  • Storytelling: Each site has its history and stories. For instance, while at the Alishan Forest Railway, weave tales about the early settlers and the development of the railway. This narrative style can make history come alive for kids.
  • Nature’s Classroom: Use natural surroundings to teach about local flora and fauna. In places like Yehliu Geopark, discuss the geological formations and how they came to be.
  • Cultural Immersion: Encourage kids to learn basic phrases in Mandarin or Taiwanese Hokkien. Interacting with locals in their language can be a fun and respectful way to engage with the culture.

Scavenger Hunts

  • Tailored to Each Location: Create a list of items or landmarks for kids to find at each destination. For example, in Tainan, they could look for specific temple carvings or local street snacks.
  • Prizes and Rewards: Motivate them with small rewards for completing the hunt. It could be as simple as choosing the next snack or a small souvenir.
  • Educational Clues: Incorporate facts or trivia into the clues, so kids learn as they search.

Local Cuisine

  • Market Visits: Take the kids to local markets. Let them pick out exotic fruits or snacks they’ve never tried before. It’s a culinary adventure and a way to learn about local produce.
  • Cooking Classes: Participate in family-friendly cooking classes where you can learn to make traditional Taiwanese dishes. It’s an engaging way to introduce them to the culture and cuisine.
  • Taste Tests: Create a game where kids guess the ingredients in the dishes they try. It’s a fun way to encourage them to try new foods.

Digital Diaries

  • Photography Challenges: Give your kids a camera and encourage them to take photos from their perspective. Later, these photos can be used to create a digital diary or a scrapbook of their journey.
  • Blogging or Vlogging: Older kids might enjoy documenting their travels through a blog or vlog. This not only engages them but also helps develop their writing and storytelling skills.

Local Interaction

  • Cultural Workshops: Participate in workshops where kids can learn local crafts or traditional games. It’s hands-on learning and a great way to interact with local artisans or guides.

By incorporating these interactive elements into your family’s Taiwan tour, you’ll not only keep the kids engaged but also enrich their understanding and appreciation of the places you visit. This approach to travel can transform a simple holiday into a memorable, educational journey for the entire family.

Planning Your Family TourAccommodations

Look for family-friendly accommodations that offer comfort and a taste of local life. Taiwan offers a range of options, from city hotels to cozy bed-and-breakfasts in the countryside.


Taiwan’s efficient public transportation system makes getting around a breeze. Consider renting a car for more remote destinations like the Alishan Forest Railway or Penghu Islands.

Timing Your Visit

Taiwan has a subtropical climate, so plan your visit according to the weather. Spring and fall usually offer the most pleasant temperatures for exploring.

An Expert to Help Plan Your Family’s Adventure in Taiwan

Life of Taiwan is your go-to resource, they specialize in creating custom Taiwan tours tailored to your family’s interests and needs. From their popular 9-day family tour that covers major attractions to personalized itineraries that uncover hidden gems, Life of Taiwan ensures a memorable and hassle-free experience for your family. Their deep knowledge of Taiwan and attention to detail make them the perfect partner for your next family adventure.


Taiwan is a land of wonders waiting to be explored, and what better way to do it than with your family? With hidden gems at every turn, your trip to Taiwan will be more than just a vacation; it’ll be an enriching journey for all ages. Happy travels!

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