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deep learning solution

Deep learning solution is a subset of the broad field of Artificial Intelligence, AI, and Machine Learning, ML. As its name suggests, deep learning provides solutions to complex programming tasks through the state-of-the-art procedures it acquires from computer science. One good example of deep learning is Google maps, a software that analyzes millions of data points to provide the best route or predict the time to arrive at a particular point. This article discusses this unique field of computer science in more detail.

Deep learning solution is simplified into two parts; Training and Inference. The training part is integral and facilitates millions of data points for the neural network to learn the feature and effectively accomplish tasks like image and speech recognition. On the other hand, the inference part follows the training part in that it takes a trained model and utilizes the information to develop suitable predictions and decisions. These two parts depend heavily on computer computing power to provide accurate results. The primary advantage of deep learning is its ability to carry out feature engineering without external interfrerence. An algorithm scans the information to site features that correlate then combine them enable faster learning without the influence of an external force.

Supermicro NGC-Ready Systems are systems certified by NVIDIA to support NVIDIA NGC software working on NVIDIA TESLA GPUs, making it easier for customers to utilize end-to-end AI solutions. The solution by supermicro provides deep learning software installation that they have customized for the user to easily use deep learning projects without the hustle of GPU programming. The solutions allow the installation of customized software like TensorFlow, Caffe2, Chainer, MxNet, etc. Furthermore, Supermicro solutions come with a complete AI / Deep Learning software stack with an end-to-end, completely integrated system.

Supermicro AI & deep learning solution has numerous advantages, including but not limited to the powerhouse for computation, scalable design, and quicker processing with a tensor core. Under the high-intensity computation capability, the supermicro AI & deep learning solution cluster uses supermicro supersaver systems, and high-density software for vigorous computations. The systems utilize GPUs that are up-to-date from Supermicro partner NVIDIA. The solutions are also long-lasting in that they scale out systems with 100G IB EDR fabric, friendly to fit future designs. Moreover, NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs use the tensor core architecture containing Deep Learning Support. This software can provide up to 125 Tensor TFLOPS for training and inference systems. Supermicro solutions utilize NVLink, allowing quicker GPU-GPU communication and efficient system performance despite heavy deep learning tasks.

Supermicro has taken numerous strides and created complete and thoroughly tested solutions for optimum performance. Supermicro AI & deep learning solutions have ready server platforms that they have modified to ease output generation. For instance, they have created an artificial HPC with various lucrative features like Big Data Analytics, intelligence, astrophysics, Business Intelligence, etc. They have also created a 4U SYS TVRT system demonstrating high-level computing, research lab, and business intelligence. The system comprises a redundant titanium level power supply, dual-socket P support, and also supports Intel Optane.

However, like any other system, deep learning comes with various cons. For instance, deep learning requires vast amount of data to produce better results than other approaches. Furthermore, deep learning is costly to train, an aspect attributed by the complex data models it encompasses. The user will also feel a financial pinch since for deep learning to be effective, it requires expensive GPUs and numerous machines.

Finally, the world is evolving towards the utilization of Artificial Intelligence as well as Machine Learning. Many people continue to embrace this move, one key player being supermicro. Supermicro is an organization that needs to be applauded for its consistent efforts to make computer systems friendly for use by man. By embracing deep learning, supermicro and other organizations develop designs that the end user can navigate easily.

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