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26 bones with 33 joints several nerves muscles and diverse ligaments

An average person walks over 100,000 miles during his lifetime. Hence, it is mandatory to take care of your foot and ankle health. Many people tend to undermine the importance of having healthy feet and neglect their feet until they experience pain one fine morning. According to Wikipedia, your foot may appear simple; however, it is an intricate structure that has 26 bones with 33 joints, several nerves, muscles, and diverse ligaments. Any part of your foot may develop issues. Some foot disorders may be accompanied by mild pain, while other foot issues may be serious and can restrict your mobility or capacity to bear weight. Severe foot pain can be debilitating and disabling. Foot pain should necessarily be treated promptly, or else it may result in long-term disability and further damage to your foot. Some common foot and ankle issues are:

  • Severe ankle sprains
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Inflammation of ligaments and tendons in the ankle and foot
  • Achilles tendonitis

People often complain of swelling, pain, and issues in bearing weight.

Tips to Boost Foot & Ankle Health

Lose Weight If You Are Obese or Overweight

With every step you take, your body weight can stress your feet. If you are overweight you will exert too much pressure on your feet. Research has revealed that an individual with a higher BMI or body mass index is more likely to develop foot joint pains. Obesity is instrumental in increasing diabetes risk factors that can damage or destroy nerves in your feet. Always maintain healthy body weight. Consider keeping your weight down to safeguard against throbbing foot pain. In case, you are unable to exercise regularly because of intense foot pain, you may include a low-impact sport such as swimming to boost your weight-loss endeavors.

Always Buy Good Shoes

Remember that shoes should be purchased with top priority to function than fashion. You may focus more on comfort than fashion while buying shoes. You can safeguard yourself from potential injuries by wearing supportive shoes while going out or even at home. Moreover, avoid wearing high heels since they cause painful feet, bunions, sprained ankles, and deformed toes. Invest in a pair of shoes with robust arch support, low heels, and a safe or non-slip soul to avoid sudden falls. Always visit a physical store to ensure you know your accurate foot measurements. There should be about half an inch of space between the shoe and the longest toe tip. You may use an effective orthotic insert to provide more cushioning. If you wear ill-fitted shoes, you may develop foot pain and need to schedule an appointment at QC Kinetix (Freeport) for speedy alleviation of pain. You may follow the map given below:

Work Toward Your Balance

Balance may decline with advancing age. Poor balance will increase your chances of falling and developing ankle and foot issues. Try relevant exercises and activities as recommended by your doctor or fitness instructor to boost your balance.


Overuse, injury, and certain conditions may trigger foot pain. With advancing age, it is normal to encounter ankle and foot problems. Follow the above-discussed prevention tips to keep foot pain at bay.

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