From Oxfords To Loafers, Not All Shoes Look The Same With A Suit

From Oxfords To Loafers, Not All Shoes Look The Same With A Suit

Depending on the occasions and the level of formalism we dress in one way or another, we wear accessories and even do our hair in a different way. In men, sometimes it is simple details that make the difference between one look and another. Because of course, with a suit you can go casual or wear it in a more elegant way as the moment requires, and footwear has a lot to do with that. 

The material, the color or its sewing define very well for what occasion each one is used or what type of men sneakers suit best.

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Each shoe is capable of giving a different touch to the look, playing with its shades to highlight the color of the suit, opting for more informal ones to go to the office, other more elegant but comfortable ones for large events… The world of footwear is bigger than you think and knowing how to combine shoes and suits will allow you to make a difference at all times while keeping your own personality.

What Types Of Shoes Are There?

Going to the store and getting the ones you liked the most was your way of choosing shoes until today. Because each shoe represents a moment. The most elegant is the Prussian seam, which we will now see its different variables. The Oxford style is the most basic, but within that formalism it is a shoe capable of looking good both on any day at the office and on a special occasion with a normal suit or a morning suit. 

There are other variations of shoes with Prussian seam such as the Adidas ultraboost, which incorporate dotted seams and different shapes that make it more informal, for day to day, but they do not clash with more formal clothing either.

For their part, English sewing shoes are somewhat more basic, with a wider last and fewer seams. Yes, it is true that beyond the classic version there are other more modern ones, but generally this type of shoe is intended for daily use and not only for suits, but also for more casual clothes, so they look fantastic with a jean and a shirt.

These are the most used models, but we cannot forget the shoes with a buckle, very elegant and perfect for going to the office. Although with them not all suit pants are worth it, they must be one with little drape, which stays above the shoe so that it does not get caught. Then there are loafers, which can be perfectly worn with a suit, but whenever it’s daytime, or with jeans or dress pants, to which it gives a more select touch.

A Modern Twist

There is a way to go to the office with a more casual look that is very fashionable lately, especially during the summer. When opting for more informal, fresh, light and light outfits, sneakers can be the accessory that makes you stand out. In navy blue suits, a white shoe is ideal, while in other suits, such as light blue ones, the navy blue shoe gives that touch of strength that the look needs.

Undoubtedly, the shoe has become in recent years a complement to make suits a more informal, youthful and sporty look that looks great at any age, as long as you know how to combine the suit well with the type of shoe and its color.

Color Consistency

Precisely the colors have a lot to do with the final result of each look. In black suits, it is always best to opt for a shoe of the same color or, on a day-to-day basis, you can use an intense red shoe with shades between maroons and brown that can make you a trend in your office. On the other hand, for gray suits the best thing is black shoes.

For navy blue suits there are two options depending on what you are looking for. If you want something elegant, you should definitely opt for a black shoe, but if you want something more informal, for the office or a dinner with friends, brown tones are perfect, especially the cognac color, which perfectly enhances the blue of the suit and gives a professional and modern look.

The shoe world is quite an odyssey to get the perfect one for every occasion. While they are all wonderful, their shape and color determine the occasion for which it is best used. Knowing how to play with them is also important to highlight your personality and take risks with shapes or styles that are not usually seen in the office or in the most select events.

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