Handling Aggression in Students & Its Necessity

Handling Aggression in Students

We all remember our teenage years when we used to feel that only our thoughts were right and the whole world was wrong. A teenage student goes through a lot of mental pressure where he or she has to fulfil the expectations of parents and tutors and also, he/she has to prove himself/herself to the society as a successful student who has a promising career. Those students who go through such hectic schedule and pressure in his or her academic life their mental well-being gets stressed badly and it affects the calm of their mind and they start to lose their patience and then the worst thing happens and that is uncontrolled aggression, which destroys the concentration and focus of the mind and also stops the intellectual growth of the student. Doesn’t matter today how many new technological supports like LMS portal are present to help the students, still an aggressive student won’t be able to focus on learning simple terms even like ERP full form. School is a temple where students are supposed to learn how to control emotions and direct them only towards attaining education instead of getting indulged in aggression or stress.

An aggressive student can have conflict with another student and then a fight starts which converts into physical fights and students start to hit each other. Now this is a situation which shows the whole discipline system shattering in front of others so teachers need to intervene between both. But now the teacher can’t hit or punish the both of the children immediately, instead the teacher should separate both of the students very politely or if the situation is worse than he or she can use little force but not in the meaning to hurt any of them. Make the aggressive student sit in a class alone so that he or she can calm down, hear both of the parts i.e., both the students in order to know the real story and meanwhile report to their parents as it is their right to know about their kids. Teacher is one whose job requires calm and patience. A teacher can’t be violent or aggressive in order to solve an aggressive situation among the students. So, when the situation goes out of control then the teacher should speak in a firm but non-violent way to make the student understand that though you are polite and kind to the student, you are still the authority and nothing nonsense can happen in your class or in your jurisdiction. Use of physical force should be the last option in that too only to control not to punish. Teacher should control himself/herself while making the aggressive student understand and even if the student is yelling and shouting at the teacher, he/she should remain calm and not pay heed to the aggressive student’s tantrums. Teacher should let the student vent it out all in his mind and should also escape threatening the child in any form.

Parents and teachers have a very specific situation and that is to control their own anger over the temper tantrum of a child whether in school or at home because violence can never control violence especially in the matter of a child. It is found in research that when teachers or parents exhibit calm behaviour then kids cannot be violent or aggressive for long in front of them. So, if parents or teachers want children to be calm in anger, then they need to set an example for themselves first. Students should get proper help in studying like help from the  LMS portal. If a student has not completed his notes and does not get help to complete his notes in time then he gets frustrated and in many such situations he is unable control his negative feelings and aggressive expressions of emotions then it is responsibility of teacher to teach him how to keep his mind and heart under discipline and parents to teach him how to control his impulses; that is by words only instead of choosing violence. Teachers and parents should inspire and encourage such students to do something creative and innovative such as regarding their studies, make them attend live classes of such mentors whom the child assumes as role model, where he or she can ask small terms like ERP full form to bigger topics easily & who can give the right path to students. Due to attending such inspiring live classes students learn to control their emotions and be disciplined while asking questions or while teaching or mentor teaching.

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