Here’s Why G Shock Watches Are The Right Choice For You: Types & Features Explained

G shock watches India

Casio is a brand that needs no introduction. Gravitational watches, also known as G-shock watches, are a favourite of athletes, adventurers, military personnel and tech-savvy people because of their rough and tough designs and fantastic technology. G-shock offers a wide range of watches with various features and innovative designs. In this post, we mention the advantages, types and features of G-shock watches, which can help you make the right choice. 

Why G Shock Watches Are The Right Choice For You?

G-shock watches have ruled the world of watches for several decades now. Mentioned below are some of the advantages which prove that these timepieces are the right choice for you. 

Brand Value

Casio is a reputed brand. Therefore, wearing a G-shock watch gives you brand value. All watches have state-of-the-art features that live up to the wearer’s expectations. Customers can trust the brand, knowing that it offers only premium materials and features. 

Cutting-Edge Technology

Adventure sports watches from G-Shock come with cutting-edge technology and features such as WaveCeptor, GPS tracking and ultra-modern sensors, which make them useful for travellers in remote locations. 

Premium Design

The G-shock watches have premium designs which can resist gravitational tremors and sudden shocks ten times more than usual wristwatches. Moreover, it has a long battery life which can impress even the staunchest watch lovers. 


G-shock watches are known for their rough and tough designs. So you no longer have to worry about damaging your timepiece. Whether you go surfing or trekking, the clock will keep on showing you the right time. 


Even though made with premium quality and advanced technology, these watches are all reasonably priced.

Types of G-shock Watches

G-shock wristwatches can be categorised based on their display types into Digital watches, Analogue watches and Digital-Analogue watches. 

Digital watches: They do not have the hours and minutes hands that move around the dial to show the time. They display time in numerical form using LED lights and screens. These watches are a hit among athletes and adventurers due to their convenience and functionality. 

Analogue wristwatches: These watches have hands or markers that rotate on the dial or the face of the watch. G-shock analogue watches used quartz batteries to power their system of gears and springs. They are loved for their classic and elegant designs. 

Digital-Analogue watches: They bring the best of Analogue and digital watches. Therefore, these provide ease and legibility along with the aesthetic allure of analogue watches. These watches are a hit among everyone from sportspersons to travellers and trekkers. 

Features of G-shock Watches

While the main idea behind these watches is to meet the requirements of athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and military personnel, they provide several features, some of which are listed below:

Biomass Plastic: Made with plants, oil, and corn, this material makes these watches more environment-friendly than standard resin.

DLC: The DLC coating makes them scratch-resistant, which makes them more durable. 

EL Backlight: The Electro-luminescent backlight is used in digital watches to illuminate digital displays.

Whole Auto Light: This feature gets activated automatically in the dark and when you turn your wrist to view the time. 

Hand Shift: In Digital-analogue watches, this button moves the analogue hands so that you can clearly view the LCD display. 

Multi-Band 6: This cool feature syncs the time in your G-shock with atomic clocks by receiving reception from six transmitters worldwide through radio waves. 

Multi-Function Alarm: The multi-function alarm allows you to set the alarm for a specific time of the day, or monthly alarm set for a specific day, or a yearly alarm set for a particular monthly in addition to regular functions found on other models. 

Neobrite: It illuminates the analogue hands by coating them with a luminous substance to make viewing the time in the dark easy and convenient. 

Sapphire: The sapphire display glass is used in high-end models. It makes them extremely scratch resistant to the standard mineral glass watches.m

STN LCD Display: STN stands for Super-twisted Nematic display. It offers better contrast and viewing over regular LCDs.

Super Illuminator: Brightens up the LED display to an extent that makes it easy to be viewed in the dark. 

Tough Movement: This provides the G-shock watches enhanced durability and resistance to g-forces with features such as Tough Solar power, Multi-Band 6 and an hourly automatic needle correction function.

Tough Solar: Some solar watches have solar panels on their displays which allows the rechargeable battery to charge when under the sun and even through indoor lighting. It also has an adjustable power save function which makes the watch go into sleep mode when in the dark.

Triple G Resist:  It makes the watches shock resistant and resistant to centrifugal gravity and heavy vibration.

Triple Sensor: Some G-shock watches have sensors such as an altimeter, barometer, compass, and thermometer. Other watches have a water depth sensor instead of a pressure sensor.

Twin Sensor: Watches with twin sensors have only a compass and thermometer.


Along with the features mentioned above, G-shock watches can be dressed up or down according to the event or occasion. They provide functionality and convenience and are also easy to maintain. With impressive features and aesthetically pleasing designs, G shock watches India act as conversation starters while elevating your style.

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