HHC: What’s This?

HHC What’s This

HHC is a new advanced cannabinoid mainly used in smoking mixtures (e.g., vape). HHC products begin with cannabidiol (it means CBD) which is extracted from raw hemp. Such a product has a powdery texture.

The makers of cannabinoid products believe that HHC is completely legal. According to the Farm Bill, CBD is legal since 2018. The hemp is allowed to grow in the USA because Delta 9 THC is only 0.3 %.

HHC vs. Delta 9 THC: Who’s the Best?

This is one of the most complicated questions ever. If you compare the chemical composition, you’ll see that HHC is much stronger than Delta 8 but not effective as known Delta 9. But if HHC is not as efficient as Delta 9, it doesn’t mean it’s worse. It will be an eternal discussion where you can’t find the right answer.

The Main Effects of HHC

Does it really get your high? Yes, it does! The effects are the same as in THC.

  •       the euphoria feeling;
  •       auditory and visual perception that can change very fast;
  •       some changes in cognition;
  •       complete relaxation of the body;
  •       no desire to move.

Others, who take HHC, say they have a strong desire to be a constant assent as well as a desire to talk and to be in the conversation. They feel powerful energy inside.

Pluses of HHC:

  1. It is a powerful analgesic.
  2. It is one of the best relief from panic (sometimes from anxiety).
  3. You can get the great part of euphoria.
  4. The best thing for relaxation and lack of concern.
  5. It can reduce some inflammations.
  6. It provides nausea and vomiting.
  7. You can have a great and calm sleep.

But there is one important nuance! Those, who take HHC for the first time, should use no more than 3-5 mg so that there is no contrary effect (or side effects).

HHC and Its Side-Effects

Side effects in HHC are smaller, but they are tougher:

  •       it can be a lot of dizziness;
  •       you can feel a dry mouth;
  •       there is a high level of anxiety and paranoia;
  •       you can get insomnia for several days;
  •       you can eat a lot because of the increased appetite;
  •       you can get elevated heart rate.

HHC has almost the same side effects as Delta 9. Although HHC is extracted from cannabis, the substance is not guaranteed to be completely safe for human health. HHC product is not so much studied. Nowadays, the HHC market is something new.

One more major issue is no regulation of HHC. There are not so many companies that are really well-known that sell HHC things. Other companies are just not so popular. It means that all substances may be harmful to health and very toxic. That’s why if you want to buy a natural product, it’s important to choose the most famous HHC Company, which has been on the market for a long time! It’s also important to stick to your dosage, so it’s not bad for the life.


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