How is the Umass Project Management Course?

How is the Umass Project Management Course

A Project management course certification assesses a candidate’s capacity to oversee a professional project’s people, procedures, and business priorities.

Having said that, project management is undoubtedly a broad topic where practical knowledge gained via experience is more beneficial than knowledge learned from books. And Simplilearn’s PG Program in Project Management, created in collaboration with the Isenberg School of Management at Umass Amherst, offers precisely that!

You can be confident that at the end of this course, you will be so familiar with the tools utilized that you can handle any large-scale project with ease, thanks to the various Capstone projects, Harvard case studies, and various hands-on projects.

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about the Umass Project management certificate course:

How is the Umass Post Graduate Project Management Program?

If you are in any managerial position or aspire to be a Product/Project manager, then the Umass project management certification course is the best option in the market today. The course is the perfect blend of advanced-level education and practical knowledge, with a globally recognized certification. It can’t get better than this.

Here are a few reasons why Umass certificate programs are the catalyst your career needs in 2022:

1.     Globally Recognized Certification

The importance of a renowned and globally recognized certification is not to be taken lightly. There’s a reason students prepare for years to get into A-list colleges and universities. These institutions’ quality of education, placement, and networking opportunities are unparalleled. Once you have a Umass certification, you are automatically 5 rungs above your counterparts.

According to U.S. News Education Rankings, the University of Massachusetts Amherst is one of the top 25 public universities in the country. You get to call yourself the alumni of such a reputed institution, thanks to the online boot camps.

2.     Lucrative Salary Packages

Perhaps the most important factor in this list of why the Umass PMP course is the best option for your career. A certified Project management professional gets a 20% higher salary than a non-certified professional for the same position. Now top that with a certification from one of the top 50 Universities in the US, the number will go far above 20%. It’s rather simple. Top colleges get you the Top salary packages and substantial career advancement opportunities.

3.     High in demand

Project management in itself is quite a lucrative field.  According to the latest PMI-commissioned talent gap analysis by Anderson Economic Group (AEG), companies will require roughly 88 million people to fill project management-related tasks by 2027. More than 75% of all project management-related employment will be in China and India.

Do you understand what that means for experienced project management professionals who will be you in some years once you finish the Umass PG course? Your opportunities will blow up astronomically, and so will your annual CTC.

4.     Access to the world’s best faculty

In the Umass Project Management certification course, you will get the rare opportunity to learn from leading experts. Real-life experiences and current market customized lessons will help you get ready to ace the corporate world. It’s the best value-for-money course on Project management in the market.

Live classes allow you to interact and network with leaders in your field from the comfort of your homes.

5.     Get Simplilearn Career Service

Another perk of this particular course is its collaboration with Simplilearn. Due to this, you get the chance to access the Simplilearn career service. You can strengthen your resume and receive professional advice from experts. You can also attend mock interviews to learn how to answer challenging technical questions.

If you are a resident of India, then with the help of Simplilearn’s JobAssist program, you can get 6 months paid internship from IIMJobs. From interview preparation to career mentoring, the JobAssist program takes care of everything for you.

Umass Project Management Eligibility Criteria

You need a bachelor’s degree in any discipline to apply for the Umass Post Graduation Project Management certificate program.

Management, as well as non-management background students, are eligible for this course. Even professionals from any field can do the Umass project management certification course. If you get a certification in project management from a top university like Umass, your career will get upgraded instantly.

What jobs can you get with the Umass Project Management Certification?

Here are some of the top job profiles that you can apply for with a Umass Project management certification:

1.     Project Coordinator

Average salary: $47,159/year

Project coordinators assist project managers and collaborate with the team to establish timelines and keep track of the project’s progress. The Project management certification may improve your chances of hooking this job.

A project coordinator is a stepping stone to securing the project manager position.

2.     Portfolio and Program Manager

Average salary: $82,179/year

Project planning, monitoring, and reporting are the responsibilities of a portfolio and program manager.

3.     Project Director

Average salary: $88,310-$130,000/year

A project director is in charge of managing every project inside a business. These experts keep track of finished projects and are informed of ongoing and planned tasks. They create the operational plans needed to manage various projects and supervise their progression through completion.

It is a senior position that requires minimum experience and exceptional expertise in the field.

4.     Product Owner

Average salary: $100,905-$150,000/year

To help the product development team finish the project on time, a product owner is in charge of controlling the product backlog. They establish the goals for the final product and continuously motivate and track the project’s development in that direction.

In conclusion

In this competitive world, one can’t stress the importance of setting yourself apart enough. A certification in Project management from the University of Massachusetts is exactly what you need to make your resume stand out!

If you are looking for any information or career guidance related to the Umass Project Management Certification course, call us: at 1800-212-7688

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