How To Record Screen On PC Without Time Limit?

iTop Screen Recorder

Unquestionably, screen recording improves our work and daily lives by serving as an excellent approach to saving content and expanding accessibility. Certain situations could require people to film lengthy videos, such as drama series, instructional lectures, in-depth lessons, etc. Having a screen recorder for a PC that is free to download and has no time restrictions. Although many different screen recorders are available, many have stringent limitations on the amount of time spent recording, often only allowing for five or ten minutes. The post provides instructions on capturing lengthy films using a free screen recorder with no time restriction to address the issue.

Free Screen Recorder Windows No Time Limit

Although mobile devices are helpful for recording, most people still prefer to film lengthy videos with Windows computers in a formal environment because it eliminates their worries about running out of battery life or memory. The best screen recorder for PC that is available for free download and has no time restriction is iTop Screen Recorder, which you can use to grabar pantalla en PC sin límite de tiempo.

In addition to enabling users to record HD-quality video without a watermark, it is one of the best and most effective recorders available. It also offers a simple editing tool that enables users to trim, clip, and split the recorded recordings. Moreover, iTop Screen Recorder offers a variety of output formats that could satisfy various groups’ needs for recording Windows 10 graphics. Users could store their audio files in MP3, AAC, AC3, FLAC, and WMAV2 and their video files in MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, FLV, TS, GIF, etc.

How To Record Long Videos On The Computer For Free With No Time Limitation?

You will undoubtedly find an iTop screen recorder if you search for user-friendly screen recording software for your Windows PC. Thanks to the recorder’s straightforward user interface. Anyone may record their screen without expertise. With the flexible program iTop recorder, you may record voice, gameplay, audio, and the screen. Along with recording the screen, you can also record what you see on your webcam.

Step 1: Install the most recent version of iTop Screen Recorder on your Windows computer after downloading it from the official website.

Step 2: Open the program and adjust iTop Screen Recorder to your requirements. The speaker, mic, webcam, watermark, formats, hotkeys, and other settings could all be modified.

Step 3: Choose the region you wish to record by clicking the screen icon. After that, press the red Record button to begin recording. Users can record for as long as they’d like with iTop Screen Recorder because there is no time limit. Click the red Stop button to finish the recording after it is finished.

You can access your recordings by clicking the My Creation tab. Selecting it with the right click lets you preview, modify, upload, rename, or remove the video.


iTop Screen Recorder will enable you to record lengthy films on Windows desktops with no time limit, it is highly advised to use the iTop Screen Recorder to record on a Windows machine. Also, the free online screen recorder has an unlimited free trial period.

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