Is Turkish or Egyptian Cotton Better?

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At first glance, sheets and towels may all seem interchangeable. However, the truth is these items come into regular contact with your skin. If your linens are rough, pilly, or incapable of absorbing moisture, they’re unlikely to get the job done. On the other hand, high-end Egyptian cotton sheets and towels offer an unbeatable combination of softness and breathability. At Pure Parima, we’re passionate about helping customers live their best lives. Wondering if Turkish or Egyptian cotton better. Read on for details along with tips on selecting the best bedding for your needs.

What Is Turkish Cotton?

A favorite choice for towels and bedding, Turkish cotton has earned acclaim for its extra-long fibers and soft hand feel. Using long fibers when spinning the yarn results in fewer joins. As a result, the end product is both exceptionally strong and delightfully smooth. Grown in the Aegean region, Turkish cotton is relatively rare, so you may not be able to find it in every bedding store or online shop. However, plenty of shoppers appreciate this product because of its fluffy texture and tendency to absorb more water with repeat washes.

What Is Turkish Cotton

Despite its many advantages, Turkish cotton does have some drawbacks. The material tends not to be as fluffy as other towels. If you love your linens downy soft, consider another option.

What Is Egyptian Cotton?

Another popular choice in the world of towels and bedding, Egyptian cotton is also composed of extra-long staple cotton fibers. However, whereas Turkish cotton originates in the Aegean, Egyptian cotton is grown and harvested in the fertile Nile River Valley. This part of the world is prized for its warm climate and vitamin-rich soil. The result is a small-diameter cotton that’s extra fine and silky soft. Additionally, Egyptian cotton is resistant to rips, tears, and pills. If you want your bedding to last for years, Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases are a logical choice.

What Is Egyptian Cotton

Like Turkish cotton, Egyptian cotton is relatively uncommon. In fact, Giza cotton makes up just 20 percent of the world’s supply of extra-long staple cotton. Additionally, Egyptian cotton costs a little more than Pima cotton or other options. Still, many customers feel that Egyptian cotton bedding offers unbeatable comfort and beauty compared to other materials on the market.

How to Wash and Care for Egyptian Cotton

If you’ve decided Egyptian cotton is right for you, then congratulations. You’re investing in a bedding option that may last up to a decade. However, protecting your Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases means treating them with care. For best results, avoid washing Egyptian cotton bedding with clothing items that can catch or snag. For example, we suggest separating your sheets from jeans, jackets, and bras, all of which can damage the delicate fabric. It’s also smart to wash light fabric with light and dark with dark to avoid bleeding. When in doubt, follow the instructions on the bedding item in question rather than guessing. The last thing you want to do is ruin your new purchase the second it comes out of the box.

When washing your bedding, it’s a good idea to use a mild, liquid, biodegradable detergent. Avoid stronger detergents along with whiteners, brighteners, softeners, or bleaches, all of which contain chemicals that can weaken Egyptian cotton fibers and result in color loss. For best results, use cold water and half the recommended amount of detergent. However, if an item is particularly soiled, you can feel free to wash it in warm water. You should also avoid pouring detergent directly onto your sheets or towels. Protect your sheets by washing them every seven to 10 days and give them an extra laundering if you slept on them while sick.

How to Wash and Care for Egyptian Cotton

In a perfect world, we’d all hang our bedding outside on the line to dry. However, most of us are too busy to take this step regularly. Fortunately, you can safely dry your Egyptian cotton bedding in a dryer. We advise customers to use the delicate or permanent press setting to protect the quality and longevity of their sheets. It’s also best to remove your bedding from the machine just before it’s completely dry. While it’s not necessary to iron your Egyptian cotton sheets, you can feel free to do so.

After laundering your sheets, you should take steps to store them properly. Egyptian cotton is composed of natural fibers, which need to breathe. We suggest storing them in a cool, dry, well-ventilated part of the house. To avoid yellowing or odor absorption, it’s best to keep your sheets in the Pure Parima fabric pouch they arrived in. However, you can also use a fabric box to store your sheets when they aren’t in use.

Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets and Duvet Covers

At Pure Parima, we believe variety is the spice of life. That’s why we offer an array of sheet sets featuring different thread counts, weaves, styles, and colors. Here are a few of the collections currently turning heads in our online shop:

Yalda Sheet Set

Ideal for those who appreciate traditional elegance in the bedroom, the Yalda set boasts a clean simplicity that’s never dull. This 400-thread count sheet collection is crafted from extra-long staple, hand-picked cotton fibers and bears the Cotton Egypt Association seal of approval on the package. Double-hem stitching ensures the product’s longevity while a sumptuous sateen texture gives you a cozy place to rest your head. The set, which comes with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases, is available in all the popular sizes. Customers can choose from a host of colors, including White, Ivory, Midnight, Olive, and Canyon.

Yalda Sheet Set

Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set | Hotel Collection

Is softness your primary concern when it comes to bedding? If so, you’re sure to appreciate our Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set. With a thread count of 700, it’s the most luxurious sheet collection in our online shop. Along with triple embroidered stitching and an opaque matte white backdrop, the set boasts a delicate stripe pattern sure to catch the eye. Colors range from classics like Arctic and Black to bolder choices such as Teal, Gold, and Nickel. This bedding favorite comes in sizes queen, king, and California king. The pillowcases feature envelope closures, and the fitted sheet has an 18-inch deep pocket for bed making made easy.

Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set Hotel Collection

Ultra Percale Sheet Set | Hotel Collection

Hot sleepers and those with sensitive skin or allergies will surely celebrate when they try the Ultra Percale Sheet Set. Part of the Hotel Collection, this percale weave set is certain to keep sleepers cool on even the hottest of summer nights. Fresh feeling and crisp to the touch, the collection works well through all four seasons. Plus, the design is timeless yet sophisticated, so it melds beautifully with any style of furniture or bedding. Customers can choose from four popular neutrals: White, Carbon, Bone, and Slate. Sizes range from twin to king and California king.

Ultra Percale Sheet Set Hotel Collection

Ariane Sheet Set

This romantic Egyptian cotton sheet set is perfect for cold winter nights. Sweet and elegant, the collection is guaranteed to catch the eye thanks to the self-colored scroll embroidery and soft yet distinctive color palette. Choose from a range of pastels including Ivory, Linen, and Icy Blue. Plus, the collection boasts a silky sateen texture that feels like silk against the skin. It’s the perfect choice for sleepers with sensitive skin or a tendency to get warm while they sleep.

Ariane Sheet Set

Hira Duvet Cover Set

Of course, sheets are only one part of the bedding package. To get a great night’s sleep, you also need to invest in a quality duvet cover, like this Egyptian cotton offering from the acclaimed Hira Collection. Silky and modern, the sateen cover and matching pillow shams boast contemporary accent diamond embroidery. Plus, the set comes in all your favorite colors, including White, Tan, Charcoal, and Midnight. Pair the collection with the matching Hira Sheets or mix and match with another of our stylish sets. When it comes to decorating at Pure Parima, the only limit is your own imagination.

Hira Duvet Cover Set

Best Washcloths

Of course, soft linens aren’t just important in the bedroom. If you’ve ever used a rough or low-quality washcloth to dry your face, then you know fabric selection can be equally important in the bathroom. Fortunately, Pure Parima has recently expanded its product offerings to include 100 percent Egyptian cotton washcloths. Measuring 12 inches by 12 inches and boasting a gsm of 750, these exceptionally plush cloths are both soft and absorbent, so you won’t irritate your skin trying to dry off. Additionally, they feature an embroidered gray cotton logo for extra style points. Purchase some for your guest room to make an impression on visitors or pick up a few washcloths as a treat for yourself. They’re also a great gift choice, as they come in sustainable packaging.

Best Washcloths

Want even more Egyptian cotton products in the bathroom? Pure Parima is proud to announce the upcoming launch of our Egyptian cotton towel collection. Join our newsletter to get the first glimpse of these and other luxurious bath items coming to our online shop.

Make Pure Parima Your Choice for Bedding

If you’re in need of new bedding this year, you may be wondering what purchase will best meet your needs. While Egyptian cotton sheets are undoubtedly the best choice for a good night’s sleep, plenty of customers are hesitant to invest in themselves. The truth is that quality bedding can last for years, saving you both time and money in the long run. At Pure Parima, we pride ourselves on selling 100 percent pure Egyptian cotton that bears the Cotton Egypt Association seal of approval. Whether you’re looking for sheets or pillowcases, duvet covers or washcloths, we’re confident you’ll find what you need in our online store. Shop our selection today and start getting better rest.

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