Most Popular Chauffeur Services in London

Most Popular Chauffeur Services in London

The capital of the United Kingdom is one of the busiest cities worldwide, so it’s not surprising that luxury chauffeur services are highly popular among tourists, newcomers, and even residents.

The Big Smoke is a beautiful city with many tourist attractions, elite restaurants, art galleries, museums, castles, and many other places to visit. However, it’s also one of the most dangerous cities regarding traffic, so it’s not advisable to drive yourself. The reason is that London has many traffic jams, bad drivers, roadblocks, etc.

Therefore, a wise move is to contact a chauffeur service company like Simber and book a professional chauffeur who will bring you safely to your destination in a luxurious vehicle. Let’s see which are the most common chauffeur services travellers use in the UK capital.

Airport Transfers

Believe it or not, an airport transfer Heathrow to London is one of the most popular types of transport required by people since millions of tourists come to this beautiful city every day. This is logical since tourists and business travellers want to get to their London hotel rooms as quickly and safely as possible.

Well, that’s what you get by hiring a London airport chauffeur since they will wait for you at the airport before you land, meet and greet you, and help you with your luggage. Furthermore, you will also get a set of essentials like mints, tissues, water, wi-fi, and antibacterial gel. Of course, a smooth and contactless ride goes without saying.

By the way, the chauffeur is always at the airport before a traveller lands because the chauffeur company has flight monitoring to make sure they are met on time, regardless if the flight is early or late.

Corporate Chauffeur Service

Another highly popular chauffeur service in London is the corporate chauffeur service. The primary reason is that besides being one of the most visited places by tourists from all across the globe, the UK capital is also where business happens.

Therefore, many business people come to London daily and often book a corporate service with a professional chauffeur since they don’t have time to bother with transportation.

Some of the primary benefits of hiring this type of service, besides from safety being the most important one, include:

  • London chauffeur-driven services from and to meetings
  • Transportation to any long-distance destination
  • Smooth ride to social and corporate events, including financial roadshows
  • Tailor-made VIP chauffeur services per your request

Also, it’s more than valuable to mention that for any occasion, especially a corporate one, when you are in a constant hurry, safety must come first. London’s traffic is dangerous, and the numbers of killed or injured pedestrians in the UK in 2020 indicate how dangerous it is to drive yourself.

Events Chauffeur Services

If you want to enjoy your London experience in a comfortable environment while you attend stylish events, it’s best to hire a professional driver who will bring you to and from exclusive events in a luxurious vehicle.

Arriving at various events in these luxurious vehicles provides you with the essential advantage of arriving in style, which is one of the crucial aspects when it comes to any event of greater significance in London, especially regarding business.

You will have the opportunity and pleasure to be driven by a professional chauffeur in beautiful vehicles such as BMWs, Mercedes S-Class, Range Rover, or Rolls Royce Ghost.

In addition, if you are organising an event for groups of people, you can book a Mercedes V-Class Premium MPV or a Mercedes-Benz 8 to 16-seater Premium MPV to bring attendees safely to the event.

Wedding Chauffeur Services

Oh yes, you read that right, since many lovebirds decide to use a professional wedding chauffeur on their wedding day.

The reasons vary, but some of the most important ones include being safe, arriving on time without having guests wait for you, and not allowing some of your drunk friends even to think they can drive in such a condition.

Still, that’s not all since if you and the love of your life decide to hire wedding chauffeur services, you will also get:

  • An indeed well-presented and professional wedding chauffeur
  • A luxury wedding vehicle such as a top-class Mercedes
  • A safe and smooth ride from and to your desired destination
  • A decorated vehicle with coloured ribbons of your and your partner’s choice
  • Complimentary champagne to boost your magical moments

Also, you can continue the enjoyment of the honeymoon by hiring a chauffeur with a luxurious vehicle who will, of course, assist you with your luggage.

So, why waste any more of your precious time and not book London professional chauffeur services immediately if you are planning to visit the UK capital soon or living in a matter of days?

Stay safe, and don’t forget to visit all the best places and have a lot of fun!


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