Mother whose daughter has Progeria steals heart of many (Photos)

mom shaves head for daughter with progeria

mom shaves head for daughter with progeria


A mother has stolen the heart of many after she shaved her hair to show support for her 6-year-old daughter, Adalia Rosesuffering from Progeria.This condition causes her body to age much faster than normal, with loss of hair being one of the side effectsNalalia Amozurrutia, decided to shave her head in order to show her devotion for Adalia. Nalalia shares images of herself with her daughter on her Facebook page, showing family, friends, and fans how they both deal with Progeria in their everyday lives.Adalia with her familyThisspecial act of lovehas shown her daughter that she is not alone in her ‘Trauma’The average life expectancy for a child with Progeria is about 13 years, but some with the disease die younger and some live 20 years or longer.I am glad you enjoyed my story. Visit us at to stay updated with more interesting/exclusive news like these. Click HERE now to do that.


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