Perfect outdoor lighting ideas for springtime

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The arrival of warmer weather means its the time to give your home lighting the makeover that kicks out the winter blues efficiently and effectively. There are many ways to do that, but lighting is the most crucial and most important part of giving your home that energetic makeover. Your indoors will definitely need a springtime makeover, too but outdoor lighting is what needs a truly eccentric touch first. Springtime is when you’ll want to spend time outdoors and it definitely is the best thing to do in the season. So you need to make sure that your outdoors is prepped for all the activities first. We bring you a mindfully curated list of lighting designs that can beautifully lend flair to your outdoor space.

Start with the seating space 

If your outdoor space has a seating space, a deck, or a lounge, you need to prioritise that first, as that’s where you’ll end up spending most of your time. Outdoor lighting is definitely not as complicated as indoor lighting, and you don’t have to plan it as intricately as you would usually do. In fact, you can choose to keep the outdoor lighting layout quite basic too. During springtime and the following season, you’ll have a lot of natural lighting until late in the evening. So, you only need lighting to complement the entire atmosphere. 

Install a hanging light in the space, so you have enough illumination there. Let it be a chandelier, pendant light or even ceiling light. But make sure that the lighting design is durable and the material can sustain in the weather.  

Accentuate the ambience with smaller lighting 

Be it the indoor space or the outdoor space, ambience really can transform the way you or anybody else looks at your space. There are a lot of lighting ideas that can help you get the desired look in the space. You can beautifully customise the lighting in your outdoor space, and it doesn’t have to be with your conventional lighting fixtures necessarily. Bistro lighting is something that is in trend, and you can trust us when we say it can really change the face of your space with its warm and zesty glow. 

But if your space doesn’t really allow it, go with portable lighting designs like a table lamp or small floor lamp. There’s absolutely no lighting design better than lamps to transform the ambience of your space. You can choose to install wall lights too if you can afford the space. 

While these are a few things to do, you can even consider going with landscape lighting to add flair and fervour to your outdoor space. You can highlight different features of your outdoor space and bring out the best of your outdoor decor. You can decorate the natural features of your outdoor space, or you can even decorate your driveways and pathways and what not. These ideas will really bring the best out of your outdoor decor effortlessly.

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