Poker Strategy for the Triple Play Draw Game Video Poker on Toto Site


This machine serves as the foundation토토사이트 for many of IGT’s more advanced variations of video poker, many of which are also available in multi-bundle bundles. On the other hand, if you’ve never played video poker before or are unfamiliar with the Triple Play idea, Triple Play Draw Poker is an excellent game to start with.

Let’s talk about the different betting possibilities, how to play hands, the several variations that are offered, the pay tables, and the strategy.

Video Poker

In comparison to most other variations of 토토사이트video poker, Triple Play Draw Poker utilizes an unusual betting structure. You have no choice but to participate in all three hands, and the default wager is ten coins for each hand, for thirty coins.

Bets on the Triple Play Draw Poker Game

This is different from other Triple Play video poker machines that we have used in the past, on which you had the option of playing either one, three, or five coins per hand.

The Bet Up and Down buttons allow you to adjust your current wager. Once more, the default stake is 30 total coins, but you can risk as many as 15,000 total coins (5,000 per hand) if you choose to do so.

Because 30 coins every turn is already a large amount for many players, we suggest that you keep with the lowest stake possible.

Increasing your wager from the required minimum of 30 coins offers no further strategic benefit.

Playing Hands on the Video Poker Machine

After picking your betting options, you can get your hand by clicking the Deal button.

Only the lowest hand in a three-hand video poker game is dealt face up, while the other two hands are kept hidden from view. This is standard for all multi-hand video poker games. All the cards you have in your bottom hand are duplicated in the two hands facing down in front of you.

You have two kings in hand at the bottom of the deck, and then you’ll see two kings with their faces turned up in the other two hands. Click the Draw button once you have chosen which cards to keep once you have made your decision. This will complete your three hands. The payouts will be determined based on the pay table of the game that you are now participating in.

The essential characteristics of each of the 9 different video poker versions that are included in the Triple Draw Poker video poker game are listed below. Additionally, keep in mind that you can play a different game simply by pressing the button labeled “More Games”:

Jacks or Better is the most straightforward game in terms of its pay table and strategy. In Jacks or Better, the payoff for a pair of Jacks is the lowest possible payout.

Bonus Poker is a type of poker that provides additional payments for four aces, four 2s, 3s, and 4s, as well as four 5s through Ks.

Bonus Poker Deluxe provides an extremely substantial payoff for any four-of-a-kind combination that is achieved.


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