Summer Vacation Rental Tips

Summer Vacation Rental Tips

Each new season is a chance to improve your vacation property without necessarily investing a great deal of time or money. Use these easy tips to freshen up your vacation rental and provide visitors with an unforgettable summer vacation. Plus, they are affordable for practically any budget!

Install the Television(s)

Mounting TVs throughout your vacation rental gives additional storage space for visitors’ possessions, both in the main living area and the bedrooms. Additionally, it assures that no one is moving the television, therefore preventing any harm from visitors. If you have previously mounted a television, avoid installing it in drywall (not robust enough) or selecting a wall mount that makes it hard to access the ports or controls.

Stain the Porch Again

Guests will spend considerable time on the porch, if you have one, throughout the summer. Before visitors come, re-stain the wood to bring it up to date. This provides the outside area a refreshed appearance without the addition of new furniture or décor. Additionally, you may accomplish it without assistance from a professional.

Introduce Green Plants Indoors

Fresh vegetation within the house has been proved to reduce tension, so introducing plants may be exactly what your visitors need to unwind during their holiday. The good news is that plants are affordable, and a couple strategically placed in the primary living spaces of the house may make all the difference. Add plant watering to your weekly housekeeping schedule to maintain your plants alive and let your visitors relax.

Paint the Entrance

Make your home’s entrance stand out with a newly painted door. Begin by selecting a color or texture (such as woodgrain) that contrasts with the color of your house, enabling you to increase the curb appeal of your rental property and make it stand out. If this is something you’ve never done before, Lowes provides a wonderful tutorial you may use as a reference.

Declutter Bookshelves

Bookshelves serve as a repository for new trinkets, photographs, and anything without a permanent place. This implies that they may quickly and easily get congested, causing an otherwise clean and pleasant area to appear cluttered, dirty, and filthy. Perform a quick purge of the bookshelves and other comparable areas and remove any unnecessary items.

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Replace the Curtains

Curtains are sometimes an afterthought, although they frame the most significant features of any room: the windows. This implies that they impact the appearance and atmosphere of your property, and replacing them may entirely transform the area. Curtains not only impact the amount of light that enters a room but also alter its aesthetic. Wayfair advises the following method for replacing your curtains:

How much light would you want to allow in?

Are you interested in long or short curtains?

Will they be light and cheery, or will they be weighty and dramatic?

What compliments the color scheme and other patterns in the space the most?

Add a Porch Swing and Patio Furniture

Add a table and chairs, a lawn set, or a porch swing to make it simple for your visitors to enjoy the outside of your property. Even a modest patio may benefit from the addition of a few comfy seats, enabling visitors to sip their coffee while watching the dawn or to soak up every last drop of the summer night’s heat.

Add a Feature Wall

Repainting the walls may renew the appearance of a room, but adding an accent wall takes it to the next level. A feature wall is a single wall that is painted or wallpapered with a striking color or design. This distinguishes the space from the rest of the room and is an excellent way to emphasize a distinctive piece of furniture. Additionally, it might make your property more Instagrammable! There are several examples of accent walls to serve as inspiration.

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