The Best Automatic Pool Covers And Patio Enclosures For Your Home

Automatic Pool Covers And Patio Enclosures

Are you looking for the best automatic pool covers and patio enclosures to keep your pool safe and clean? Look no further than our selection of the best products on the market! Our retractable pool cover will keep your pool protected from the weather, our glass enclosure will keep your pool clear and colorful, and our range of retractable roof options will let you enjoy your pool in any weather.

Types of Automatic Pool Covers

A few different types of automatic pool covers can be bought to enclose your pool. These include powered covers, solar covers, and wind/rain shields. 

Powered covers are the most common type and use a motor to raise and lower the cover. They are usually easy to operate, but can be expensive to buy or maintain. 

Solar covers use solar power to turn a fan in the cover that creates wind or rain force. This type is usually cheaper to buy than powered covers, but they can become unreliable if the weather is bad. 

Wind/rain shields work by using air pressure from the wind or rain to keep the cover closed. They are usually more expensive than solar or powered covers, but less likely to fail in bad weather.

Benefits of Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic pool covers protect your deck and patio from damage caused by UV rays and rain. They keep your pool clean and free from debris. Finally, they provide a measure of insulation against the cold winter months. Here are three of the best automatic pool covers on the market:

1) The Z-Cover is one of the most popular automatic pool covers on the market. It features an easy-to-use motorized cover that opens and closes with the touch of a button. Plus, its waterproof fabric means you don’t have to worry about water coming in contact with the electrical components of the cover.

2) The Automatic Pool Cover by Umbrella is another great option for those looking for an automatic pool cover that will protect their deck and patio from weather damage. This cover features a durable polyester fabric that resists tears and stains, as well as a built-in alarm system that alerts you when there’s been an unauthorized entry into your pool area.

3) The In Ground Poolroom is perfect for those who want an automatic pool cover that doesn’t require any maintenance whatsoever. This cover features a state-of-the-art motion sensor technology that detects changes in light levels and automatically opens to let in fresh air and sunlight. Plus, it’s made from durable polypropylene so you can be sure it won’t tear or fade over time.

Installation of Automatic Pool Covers

If you are looking for an automatic pool cover that will keep your pool protected from the elements and provide years of enjoyment, our top picks are the perfect option for you.

  1. The First Choice: Aqua-Tech Automatic Pool Cover

The Aqua-Tech Automatic Pool Cover is our number one pick because of its many features and its easy installation. This cover operates on a motorized pump system that circulates water around the cover to keep it wet, which in turn protects the pool from UV rays and other elements. Additionally, this cover has a sensors system that detects when it is time to close the cover, so there’s no need to manually close it each day. Finally, this pool cover comes with a 10-year warranty, so you can be sure that you’re getting a quality product.

  1. The Budget Option: In-ground Swimming Pool Enclosure by Sun cast

If you’re looking for an automatic pool enclosure that won’t break the bank, the In-ground Swimming Pool Enclosure by Sun cast is a great option. This enclosure is made out of high-quality materials and comes with a simple setup process that makes it easy to get started. Plus, this enclosure has an integrated solar panel system that helps to keep your pool covered even when there isn’t enough sunlight to run the pump system.

Benefits of Patio Enclosures

There are many benefits to installing a patio enclosure. Not only will it provide protection from the elements, but it can also add an extra bit of amenity to your backyard. Some benefits of having a patio enclosure include:

Protection from the Elements:

A patio enclosure can help protect your backyard from harsh weather conditions, like rain and sun. In addition, a patio enclosure can keep critters out, such as squirrels and snakes.

Aesthetic Addition: 

A well-designed patio enclosure can add an amazing aesthetic touch to your backyard. Whether you want a rustic look or something more modern, a well-crafted patio enclosure is sure to turn heads.

Types of Patio Enclosures

When you’re looking to protect your pool from harsh outdoor elements, there are a few different types of patio enclosures you can choose from. Some are attached directly to your pool and others require installation on the ground. Here’s a look at each type and how they work:

Attached are Patio Enclosures:

These enclosures are attached directly to your pool and are made of durable materials that will protect your pool from weather damage. They come in a variety of styles and can be customized to fit your home. Some attach using screws while others use bolts, so you can choose one that is most comfortable for you and your family.

Ground-Based Patio Enclosures:

These enclosures require installation on the ground and are typically made of plastic or metal. They offer more protection than attached patio enclosures, but may not be as aesthetically pleasing. They come with all the same features as attached enclosures, such as customizable style and protection against weather damage.


If you’re looking for an affordable and efficient way to protect your pool from the harsh weather conditions that can often hit Southern California, an automatic cover is a great option. Not only will it save you time and energy by taking care of the maintenance required to keep a pool open year-round, but it also comes with a variety of bells and whistles. Once you’ve found the perfect automatic cover for your needs, protect your investment with one of our patio enclosures.

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