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You can locate reputable online casinos that include Jungle Stripes and other entertaining games developed by Betsoft with the assistance메이저놀이터 of our evaluations and rankings of online casinos. The slot machine known as Jungle Stripes features a conventional layout, with five reels and three rows of symbols. Every one of the betting alternatives has already been decided. You can bet anywhere from $0.10 to $100 per spin. With these limits, bets can range from one penny to ten dollars per pay line.

Information on the Slot Game “Jungle Stripes” and Its Various Betting Options

There are 10 other pre-set betting alternatives 메이저놀이터between those restrictions, with the majority being options with modest stakes.

If you wish to play for big stakes, your only choices are to wager $30, $40, or $100 per spin. There are no other options. Given the gap between the two, it would be helpful to offer betting possibilities in the region of $40 to $100.

Simply clicking

Simply clicking the plus or minus buttons until you reach the desired bet amount will allow you to change the amount you are wagering. Changing the coin values, pay lines, or bet levels is unnecessary.

After deciding how much to wager, you can start the spin manually or use the autoplay mode, which will cause the game to spin automatically.

Paylines Going in Both Directions

You must have at least three of the same symbol lined up along a pay line to win. The online slot game Jungle Stripes is one of the few that offers pay lines that pay in both directions.

The term “both ways pay lines” refers to the fact that the symbols on a pay line can form a winning combination in either the left-to-right or the right-to-left direction. Examples of setups that have won and configurations that have not won are the following.

You have a chance of winning if the corresponding symbols begin at one end and continue to appear on each next reel.

Remember that there are ten different pay lines you can choose from. Therefore, it is optional for the symbols that correspond to appear in a line across the page. They only need to align themselves properly on a pay line.

At first, it might sound unclear, but once you start playing, it won’t take long for you to get the hang of it. You are welcome to try Jungle Stripes without spending any money to get a feel for how the game is played.

Jungle Stripes is the ideal type of slot machine because it has a medium level of volatility. There is a good chance you will receive winning combinations, although the standard winnings are not substantial unless a bonus feature is triggered.

Before you even get to the free spins bonus round, the Jungle Stripes slot machine has additional features built into the base game that makes it much simpler to rack up huge prizes. These topics are going to be discussed in a moment.

This game offers a high Return to Player percentage, averaging 97.03%. Because that is a theoretical calculation, you should not assume that it guarantees how much money you will win if you play Jungle Stripes with real money.


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