Things every high school graduate needs to know

Things every high school graduate needs to know

High school graduation is a time of excitement and celebration. Completing all those years of school is an accomplishment to be proud of. You might also be feeling a little overwhelmed or nervous. This is a big life transition. Starting any new journey comes with a mixed bag of emotions. It’s important to know you can overcome some of the scarier ones by being prepared. Check out these things every high school graduate needs to know in order to feel more confident about your next steps.

Goal Setting

Setting goals is a worthwhile endeavor at any stage of life. If you’ve never taken the time to lay out short and long-term goals, this is definitely one of the skills to learn before heading off to college. Goal setting gives you a direction to follow as you move through life. By setting goals, you can better direct your life, rather than simply being swept along day to day. An essential part of goal setting is to monitor your progress so that you can make changes and adjustments as needed. Goals put you in charge of your destiny.

Time Management

High school students have much of their daily schedules dictated and managed by school personnel and their parents. Now that you’ve graduated, you have more choices in your activities. With this freedom comes responsibility. You’ll most certainly want to grasp this skill if you’re heading off to one of the best state universities soon, especially if you are opting for a fast-paced course like an accelerated nursing program. You’ll be in charge of scheduling your classes and fitting other things into your schedule, such as study time, socializing, extracurricular activities and work obligations. Keeping a planner, either digitally or on paper, and using it consistently is one of the best ways to get a handle on time management.


Self-care isn’t just a buzzword. Taking time to prioritize your own needs is crucial to your overall well being. You have to consider your mental health. College and work can be stressful. Reach out to your support network if you notice yourself feeling overwhelmed. Other methods of self-care such as eating well, getting enough sleep and enjoying leisure time can provide you with a strong foundation to manage everything that’s on your plate.

Sense of Self

What are your values? What do you prioritize? Do you have any deal-breakers when it comes to the people you associate with? Why do you hold the beliefs you do, and which ones are non-negotiable? Having a solid understanding of yourself is one way to increase the likelihood of making good decisions throughout your life. As a high school graduate, you’re young and will likely make mistakes as you move through the world. However, having a strong sense of self can go a long way toward helping you live a fulfilling and authentic life.

Support System

Humans are a social species. While our culture often emphasizes rugged individualism, the truth is we need the community to truly thrive. As you step into this new life transition, be sure you’re taking the time to build and nurture a strong support network. Having people you can count on can make a real difference, particularly as you’re entering this time of growth and responsibility. You’re going to be learning a great deal and experiencing tremendous personal growth. Don’t neglect the kinds of bonds that provide a much-needed foundation in a world of change.

Life Skills

Finally, if you haven’t done so already, you should make sure you have an understanding of basic life skills. High school graduates should know how to do things like cook for themselves, maintain their finances and do their laundry. This is especially crucial if you’re leaving home for college or other pursuits. You don’t want to find yourself completely unprepared to manage these basic skills when there are so many other things to learn as you navigate higher education.

These are some of the basics you’ll need to know as a high school graduate. Take time to add these skills to your knowledge base, and you’ll be more prepared for whatever the future holds. There’s so much to experience as you embark upon this next stage of life. Enjoy the journey.

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