What Books Are Appropriate For IAS Exams?

What Books Are Appropriate For IAS Exams

The most crucial component in Civil Services Exam preparation for both the prelims as well as mains exam is reading UPSC Books. You can become perplexed while narrowing down the UPSC book selection and desire to purchase every book on the shelves.

To assist you, we have put together a comprehensive variety of UPSC Books that are suggested by experts and top scorers that will enable you to achieve better scores in each phase of the UPSC exam.

What Books Ought You To Favour While Studying For Exams?

UPSC Prelims books include General Studies and CSAT, whereas UPSC mains books include all compulsory subjects, General Studies, and elective subjects. UPSC Prelims is an objective test that serves as a qualifying round. It is critical to select the best UPSC Prelims books to assure people that you have thoroughly covered the UPSC Prelims Syllabus. UPSC Prelims Books include Paper 1 and Paper 2 books. Since there are numerous books as well for the prelims exam, the best way to start your preparation is by wrapping up the NCERT Books for all subjects. Following that, we will go over the IAS Exams in depth.

NCERT – Fundamentals of Physical Geography, Nitin Singhania’s Indian Economy, India’s Struggle for Independence, NCERT std 11 & 12 for Ancient & Medieval, M Laxmikanth’s Indian Polity, and G C Leong’s Certificate Physical Geography have suggested books for paper 1. Tata McGraw Hill CSAT Manual, Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning – R S Aggarwal are some UPSC Paper 2 Books that will help you improve these skills and capabilities.

Candidates who pass the UPSC Preliminary Exam must then take the Mains. Selecting the top books for the UPSC Mains will provide them an advantage in their preparation in this case. We shall discuss the top UPSC materials for the Mains round, subject by subject, in the sections below. General Studies 1 covers history, geography, and Indian art and culture; General Studies 2 covers politics and international relations; General Studies 3 covers economics, the environment, and internal security and General Studies 4 covers ethics.

What Are The Indian Administrative Services Exams? 

The previous name for the Indian Administrative Service exams is Imperial Civil Services. For the purpose of hiring officers for the All India Administrative Civil Service, the Union Public Service Commission administers the Civil Services Examination. IAS is the highest-level position within the 24 civil services, including IFS, IPS, etc. The Civil Services Examination, also known as the IAS Exam, is held annually. The IAS Prelims is the first round of the recruitment process, although there are two General Studies papers in the Preliminary syllabus. CSAT is a qualifying exam, while General Studies II is a merit-based exam.

Nine theory exams are included in the IAS Mains examination, and 7 of them are used to create the merit list. English and Indian Language are the other two papers, and both are qualifying in character. There will also be two optional papers for 250 points each. Out of the 48 optional subjects listed by the UPSC, candidates may select any one.

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