What Is Raw Indian Hair?

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Why is raw Indian hair so in demand?

Ever since models and celebrities started celebrating their natural hair, the demand for premium extensions and wigs made from unprocessed virgin Indian hair is higher than ever before.

It’s super soft and can be worn long or short. Also, the texture blends seamlessly with African-American hair. What’s more? You could even wear a weave for one or two days and lock the next.

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The Origins

Raw Indian hair is hair that has been directly cut from the head of an Indian donor. The harvesting of natural Indian human hair begins at temples across India, where devotees will sacrifice their hair as a symbol to bring about good fortune.

After the hair has been cut and collected at the temple, the hair is thoroughly washed and disinfected. From there, the hair undergoes a sorting process in which the lengths, textures, and colors are.

The hair is then packaged and sent out to vendors around the world, who can then disburse it to individual customers. With its affordability, versatility, and natural shine, it’s no wonder that raw Indian hair is becoming one of the hottest hair trends.

The Difference Between Raw and Virgin Hair

Raw Indian hair is the most sought-after type of human hair extension. It usually comes in a natural dark color, although it can be dyed or bleached. This hair is soft, and it has a manageable texture with a natural wave.

Virgin hair is still human, but it is not unprocessed like Raw Indian hair. It is from sources such as hair salons. Unlike Raw Indian hair, Virgin hair is more prone to damage due to the processing it has gone through.

With time, it can also start to tangle. Raw Indian hair on the other hand can last longer and is much less likely to tangle. Natural Indian hair is also smoother and shinier than Virgin hair.

Understanding the Types

The four main types of raw Indian hair are wavy, straight, curly, and kinky curly. Each type has its own unique characteristics and can provide a different look depending on how to style it.

Wavy hair can give a beachy look, straight hair has a sleek look, curly hair can provide a voluminous body, and kinky curly hair offers a more textured and thick look.

And if you want to look for one, start by searching for distributors that provide 100% natural, high-quality raw hair extensions. Make sure to read up on each distributor and reviews from buyers and owners.

The samples should look like high-quality Indian hair that hasn’t been in a process or damaged. You should also be able to feel the difference between raw, unaltered hair, and smoother, heavily processed hair.

Consider Trying Raw Indian Hair Today

Raw Indian hair is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a lasting and high-quality hair product. It’s provided in a variety of styles, textures, and colors, so you can find the perfect one for you.

Not only is it versatile and beautiful, but it’s also durable and easy to maintain. If you’re considering a hair change, give natural Indian human hair, a try!

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