What’s the Best Van for Road Trips?

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Are you planning a road trip for your family? Whether you’re spending the weekend near your home or going on a cross-country journey, the right vehicle will make or break the excursion.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better when it comes to setting weekend plans. However, the right vehicle for you and your family will make your road trip a fun and memorable experience for everyone!

In this article, we’ll discuss things to think about when picking up a vehicle for a road trip with the family. We’ll also tell you what we know is the best van for road trips and why. Let’s get started!

The Benefits of Owning Your Own Van

Owning your van has countless benefits when it comes to road trips. Here are some benefits of owning your van:

The Convenience of Not Having to Rent or Borrow a Van

Owning your van for road trips is a perfect investment that can save you time, money, and stress. The convenience of not having to rent or borrow a van will be a critical benefit when it comes to planning your trips. You will not panic about booking a ride, waiting for availability, or dealing with unexpected problems with renting vans.

With your van, you’ll be able to go on even the most adventurous trips without worrying about the length of your stay or availability. You can customize the interior to your needs. You can add camping gear, a mini fridge, and a bed.

Saving Money on the Long Run

Moreover, you will save money in the long run. With your van, you don’t need to worry about returning it on time or paying fees associated with rentals.

Additionally, it allows you to save fuel expenses and carry more people in the vehicle. When you own your van, you can be more flexible with your plans and go off the beaten path without a time limitation. The convenience of owning your van for road trips outweighs the costs associated with renting.

Freedom of Choosing Your Destinations

Owning your van for road trips has many benefits. One of the primary benefits is the freedom to choose your destinations. There is no need to rely on public transportation, taxis, or other restricted methods of traveling.

You are free to drive to wherever you please, as long as it is close to an established route. You also do not need to worry about the cost of each trip since you own the van. It allows you to make more stops during your journey and have more freedom to explore places that may not be part of a general route.

Finally, owning your van allows you to bring more luggage with you, as there is generally more space than relying on other forms of transportation. A van for road trips presents a perfect alternative for those who want to experience freedom and adventure.

The Different Types of Road Trip Vans

Road trip vans come in shapes and sizes, each with features and benefits. Here are some examples of the different road-tripping vans:

Traditional Camper Van

The traditional camper van is a classic choice when choosing road trip vans. These vans offer retro styling, comfort, and convenience without breaking the bank. These vans have plenty of sleeping space and amenities, making them perfect for long trips.

The most popular option is the Ford Econoline. It features cup holders and an aerodynamic shape that creates less drag and fuel savings.

Another popular option is the Volkswagen Vanagon. It offers durable construction and excellent fuel economy. These vans provide comfort, convenience, and decent fuel economy, and you can always count on a great road trip.

Conversion Van

A conversion van is a full-sized van. It is even an extended-length van converted into a mini-camper or vehicle that can sleep and travel with up to four people.

Conversion vans can often have added items such as beds, tables, and seating. They have large windows, an air conditioning and heating system, and various electrical outlets.

The vans usually have insulated walls and add-on amenities like refrigeration, cable TV, and a bathroom. Most conversion vans also come with additions such as lighting, built-in audio, and visual systems, and even fold-out beds.

Conversion vans are ideal vehicles for those who like to camp or need living space for work or school.

Adventure Van

Adventure vans have become famous for road trips. These vans generally have a raised roof and are taller than conventional vans. Some do an adventure van conversion to provide the ability to stand up and move around inside the vehicle creating a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

The adventure van includes notable amenities such as a cooking space, a dining area, a sleeping area, an entertainment system, and a storage space. Additionally, these vans often come equipped with advanced off-roading capabilities such as all-wheel drive, specialized suspension, and large tires for extra traction and stability.

Adventure vans are an excellent option for those looking to go on road trips and explore the outdoors. Adventurers can enjoy their journey with peace of mind with their unique amenities and rugged construction.

Cargo Vans

Cargo vans are a perfect option for road-tripping. You can use it for both personal and business purposes. They offer abundant cargo space for all the items needed for a road trip, and their level floors make for convenient loading and unloading.

Many cargo vans come with rear and side doors. It provides easier access to your items. It makes them especially useful for loading large items like camping gear. These vans have plenty of headroom, allowing for easy passenger entry and exit.

While cargo vans lack the comforts of larger passenger vans, you can outfit them with more amenities. It includes flooring, seating, and windows. If you desire a vehicle that offers more space, an extended cargo van will provide extra room for bulky items or more passengers.

Safety Features to Consider when Selecting the Best Van for Road Trips

Safety is a critical factor to consider when selecting a van for road trips. Here are some of the safety features to consider when choosing a van:


Airbags provide extra cushioning in an accident which can be invaluable in a van emergency. Airbags also protect drivers from speeding or not paying attention to the road.

Airbag vans are also often equipped with other features. It includes side and rearview cameras, lane-change assist, and adaptive cruise control. All these features make these vans perfect for those taking off on the open road.

Anti-Lock Braking Systems

The best van for road trips has the latest anti-lock braking system (ABS). ABS technology will help to increase road safety. It ensures that shorter stopping distances and improved vehicle control are available no matter what surface you drive.

The system also senses when the driver loses control of their vehicle. It sends corrective signals to regain traction to the wheels.

Also, ABS prevents a driver from over-steering or under-steering when you apply hard braking. It can be helpful when driving on winding roads or if road conditions become slippery due to inclement weather, such as rain or snow.

ABS can also help to give drivers greater confidence and peace of mind during their travels. It makes it the best van for road trips.

Many Cameras for Improved Visibility

When it comes to road trips, the best van for the job is one that offers many cameras for improved visibility.

Two side-view mirrors and a rear-view camera will ensure you have the right view to avoid potential traffic incidents. It will help you navigate tight areas, twists, and turns regularly on commonplace rural roads.

Additionally, some models offer 360-degree camera coverage for increased safety and convenience. This comprehensive coverage also helps reduce blind spots and warns drivers of objects nearing the vehicle.

Many cameras also enable you to see other motorists and hazards. It allows you to make safer driving decisions.

Brake Warning Systems

When planning road trips, there is no denying that the best vans are those equipped with the Brake Warning System. This system helps warn drivers when their brakes are beginning to wear out or damaged. It allows them to avoid costly accidents and repairs.

The system also helps drivers to detect changes in tire pressure. It is a must when traveling long distances.

The Brake Warning System is essential for any driver looking to have a safe, enjoyable, and cost-effective long road trip. With all the components in place, the driver can enjoy the views and peace of mind that come with knowing that their brakes are in check.

Driver Sensing Mitigation System

When it comes to road trips, the best vans for safety, space, and convenience are those that come with a Driver Sensing Mitigation System. This system offers an extra layer of protection through the combination of many advanced sensors and intelligent technologies. It can help prevent collisions.

With this system, drivers can generally check the roads and maintain more control of their vehicles. The system can also use data from other nearby vehicles to detect potential risks before they occur.

Vans With All-Wheel Drive

If you are planning an extended road trip, consider which van you are using. One of the best choices for a road trip is a van with all-wheel drive. It provides better traction in slippery or off-road conditions.

All-wheel drive vans are a perfect choice for driving along snowy roads or on steep hillside roads. All-wheel drive vans have improved handling. It can help prevent the vehicle from slipping when traveling through challenging terrain.

All-wheel drive vans feature enhanced engine power, which can reduce fuel consumption and provides a smoother and more efficient ride. With an all-wheel drive van, you will have confidence in your vehicle’s capability to maneuver over or through impossible road conditions.

How to Choose the Right Van for Your Road Trip

Choosing the right van for your road trip can make or break the journey. Here are some tips for choosing the best van for your road trip:

Consider the Type of Terrain

When considering the terrain for your road trip, the first and most important factor when selecting a van is to know what driving conditions you’ll encounter. If you drive through rural and mountainous regions, a light truck like an SUV or pickup may be the better choice for more stability, traction, and off-road capabilities.

A passenger van will likely suffice if you drive on highways and flat terrain. Consider the size of your vehicle and how many passengers you’ll need to accommodate.

Larger cargo vans provide more transmission and suspension support. You may need to upgrade passenger vans to handle higher levels of stress.

Consider Your Budget

When choosing the right van for your road trip, a great place to start is to consider your budget. Set a budget for your van and compare different makes, models, sizes, and features to find the best one. If you are on a tight budget, consider a used van that fits the number of travelers you need to accommodate.

When comparing vehicles, consider other factors, such as size and versatility. Check that it offers adequate space and seating for everyone. Ensure the van has enough power outlets and charging capabilities to keep everyone’s devices charged.

Consider Reputation for Reliability and Safety

Choosing the right van for a road trip should be a priority. It is critical to consider the reputation for reliability and safety of the vehicle you pick.

Whether renting or buying, it is a good rule of thumb to research. Make sure it will accommodate your needs.

Read consumer reviews, check government and industry websites, and check with a trusted mechanic to get an unbiased opinion. Additionally, look for vans with good safety ratings, customer service, and manufacturer’s warranties.

Consider Going on a Road Trip Today

Van road trips offer great potential for family or group getaways that create lasting memories! Finding the best van for road trips is the key to an enjoyable and successful trip, and there’s a great variety of vans to suit the needs and budgets.

Research online, and reach out to the experts at your local dealership to get the best advice and find the perfect road trip van! Need more tips on how to plan and enjoy your next road trip? Keep scrolling through our blog for more.

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