Why Are UPSC Coaching Classes Important?

UPSC Coaching Classes

The Union Public Service Commission of India conducts the exam for civil services every year. Candidates need to qualify for this exam to earn Group A government jobs such as Indian Administrative Services, Indian Police Services, Indian Revenue Services, and Indian Foreign Services.

State Public Service Commissions of different states also conduct exams on a similar pattern to recruit individuals for administrative government jobs. It is the most sought-after exam in the country, the second most challenging exam in India, and the third most difficult exam in the world. But once qualified, the job comes with many advantages, financial, prestigious, and authoritative.

Some states in the country are known for producing minds specially meant for entering the steel frame. However, no matter where they belong, these people find themselves in Delhi for at least some part of their life. The reason is that Delhi is the hub of coaching institutes. While, of course, there are other ways to practice and alternate places to be, this is a route taken by most aspirants.

By no means do we mean to say that you won’t be able to crack the exam by self-study? Of course, that is a tried and tested route too. People who can’t afford the fees of coaching institutes and the cost of living in an expensive city like Delhi study on their own.

The growing availability of resources on the Internet makes self-study easier. Various UPSC civil services coaching are available online on free platforms like youtube as well. However, the traditional method of attending an offline lecture at a coaching institute has its advantages. Let us look at some.

1. The Study Material

Multiple websites can prescribe appropriate essential books for preparing for CSE. There are multiple magazines available in the market. Prescriptions for them exist as well.

Everyone knows that newspapers have to be read; they even know which newspaper has to be read for what purpose. However, this is something that everyone can do. Every aspirant has a weekly or monthly magazine subscribed, a bundle of basic UPSC books, and a separate reading slot for the newspaper in their day.

Coaching institutes help you grab exclusive material that weeds out unnecessary resources available to you. Reading and learning never go wasted, but sometimes, one needs to play smart. While prepping the vast syllabus, there has to be some confinement. You need to know what is helpful for you and what is not.

Material released by the coaching institutes is crisp, to the point, and exclusive. You get notes and material through a filtered expert point of view. This material is prepared by individuals who have been helping lakhs of aspirants every year and for years.

Hence, they know what is right for you and what is not. Sometimes, more than what you read on a single topic might be needed. Coaching material comes in handy to tackle this point too. It is a carefully curated and collated collection of information.

Coaching institutes are also exclusive in terms of mock tests and interviews. Past-year papers and mock papers can be availed without enrolling with a coaching institute too. But you might get a different environment at home or while practicing alone.

2. Discipline

Humans are lazy and procrastinating beings by the disposition of their natural character. Studies are the first thing to be compromised when you have many things to do.

Even otherwise, sometimes you might feel like you need to do something other than study, and you decide not to do so. Enrolling in coaching, offline or online, helps to kill this procrastination.

It will inculcate a sense of discipline due to the obligation arising out of the money invested. A routine will be put in place. Not only will you study on time, but also you will have regular practice with test papers. Better time management will be another earned skill during the course.

3. The Offline Touch

Ever since the pandemic hit us, much of our lives have gone online. While online teaching and learning were developed way earlier than that, the pandemic has undoubtedly given them an impetus to grow at a faster pace.

Social media not just has lectures on specific topics but also motivational speeches to keep you going through the laborious journey. However, they are no match for the proud pat that a mentor gives you on your little achievements.

Coaching institutes don’t work with machines but are operated by humans. The mentor is there to pay special attention to the student. A teacher will always have some or other unique advice for every individual. Their experience will reflect better when they are not just talking to the screens. Two-way interaction is important to bring out the perfection of both the teacher and the student.

4. The Interview Round

The interview round is the last and most feared round of the UPSC exam. Even if one can prepare objective and descriptive questions in isolation from the competitive world of coaching institutes, one won’t ever get an experience of a mock interview in that setup.

Failing the interview can cost you your success. Only in an offline setup will you be able to experience the intimidation to the maximum level. Good coaching institutes will arrange for interviewers who are perfect at the job. The interview is not about your knowledge but your personality, and no bot can calculate it as well as a human can.

5. Group Study

While some prefer isolated study sessions, group studies are better. In an environment of healthy competition, aspirants can share the information they have and their view on different issues.

This will help in broadening one’s resource base. Study-buddy system will allow you to maintain a stricter routine while you will also have moments of lightness and fun banters. In a group, you will get the motivation to study as much as the others can. Constructive criticism also helps one grow and learn better.

Wrapping Up

It is always better to take the traditional route. It is a tried and tested method, after all. You might have your reservations, but sitting for a trial class can always help solve the confusion. Given that you have resources to invest, try and explore various coaching institutes and choose what you feel is the best for you.

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