Why Choosing a Natural Hair Salon is the Best Decision for Your Hair

Natural Hair Salon

Whether transitioning or natural, having an experienced stylist is crucial to your hair health. Like visiting the dentist or an eye doctor, you must choose a professional who understands your specific requirements and has your best interests in mind.

Reading reviews and visiting a salon’s website are the most significant ways to identify one with a solid reputation. Take a look at these seven Brooklyn-based salons that specialize in natural hair.

Professional Stylists

Finding the right stylist can be like dating. One unique blind date could land you with someone who knows your curls and kinks and makes you feel like a goddess. Or, you could spend years kissing frogs before you find the right person to keep your strands healthy and looking their best.

Luckily, plenty of natural hair salon specializes in natural hair. You can feel secure knowing your strands are in good hands because these specialized beauty salons have qualified stylists who understand how to work with textured hair. Additionally, they offer a range of designs and services, such as loc upkeep or twisted cornrows, to suit various needs.

Transparency Around Pricing

It would be best to have a salon prioritizing nourishing natural beauty products to ensure your hair is as healthy as possible. Harsh chemicals can cause a lot of damage to your hair, even in small amounts, and they leave behind a trail of waste once discarded. Using natural products eliminates that waste and helps to keep the earth clean.

Not Another Salon recently broke the internet with a picture of a color transformation that included the service price visible underneath the image. She says being transparent about pricing is important to manage client expectations and avoid eye-watering service bills. She also recommends that stylists use a time breakdown so they know how much one minute of their time costs.

Variety of Services

With more than 65% of Black consumers having textured hair, salons should offer various services to help them keep their curls healthy. This is why finding a salon specializing in multiple styles and techniques, like corkscrew braids, crochet curls, and loc treatments, is essential.

Luckily, states have many hidden gems for all your natural hair needs. Milk and Honey, for example, is a trendy salon that offers everything from blowouts to silk presses on very coily and kinky hair textures. They also provide prestige skincare treatments.

Another reputable salon that offers loc maintenance, hair cuts, and braiding services, including cornrow braids, Senegalese twists, and dreadlocks. Their stylists are also experts in protecting your natural hair with protective styles and can do a variety of elegant updos for special occasions, including weddings.


The natural hair movement has come a long way in encouraging women to embrace their curly, kinky locks. However, many salons still need help offering services for natural hair or helpful hair ideas.

Hennings says salon owners must close the education gap by ensuring stylist trainees practice on models with textured hair. Then, the salon can provide its clients with various options and techniques that work for their unique needs.

Plus, using chemical-free hair coloring products is safer for the environment! Harmful sulfates and other chemicals can cause dryness, breakage, and weakening of the hair. These products also release dangerous chemicals into the air, which isn’t suitable for anyone, especially children and older adults. Natural beauty products are biodegradable and don’t release chemicals into the air or water.

Customer Service

A hair salon specializing in natural hair can help you find stylists who work with curly and kinky textures. This can ensure that your hair looks and feels its best while providing a high-quality salon experience.

In addition, a salon that only uses natural hair products is more likely to cater to eco-conscious consumers who want to avoid harmful chemicals that can damage their hair. These clients are more likely to recommend the salon to friends and family.

Additionally, a natural hair salon is more likely to use hair treatments free of sulfates and other chemicals. This helps reduce the damage done during coloring and rehydrating services. It also allows your stylist to deliver a richer and more nourishing treatment for your hair.

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