Advertising with microinfluencers: who are they and why do local brands need them?

Advertising with microinfluencers who are they and why do local brands need them

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In today’s article, we will tell you the importance and effectiveness of microinfluencers, what their advantages are and why they will be useful for local brands.

“More does not mean better” is the title of an article about microinfluencers published in the publication on trends in modern culture Shape Shift Report. The phrase Bigger isn’t always better fully reveals the secret to the success of small but cool opinion leaders.

In recent years, you’ve probably seen a lot of advertising from bloggers that you follow. These could be both popular personalities and small blogs. Such purchases of advertising show themselves to be an effective way to promote brands not only well-known, but also local.

What are the types of influencers?

  • Microinfluencers have from one thousand to 100 thousand subscribers. Opinion leaders with fewer than 10,000 followers are sometimes separated into a separate group and called nanoinfluencers.
  • Macroinfluencers — whose number of subscribers exceeds 100 thousand.
  • Megainfluencers have a million subscribers. They most often include actors, musicians and other famous personalities.

Microinfluencers — and why is it better for a local brand to choose them?

Local brands at the beginning of work with advertising purchases usually have small budgets, not such a large audience knows about them yet, perhaps their product has not been promoted before, and they do not know what to expect from bloggers’ advertising — therefore it is important for them to allocate the budget correctly.

Is it possible to work in procurement with small budgets? Of course you can. In this case, we suggest that brands use not only the payment format, but also barter conditions, as well as partial barter, which is a more profitable offer for local brands.

Microinfluencers have an engaged audience. Subscribers trust the blogger they subscribe to, because they don’t have as much advertising as giant bloggers, and the appeal itself comes out more targeted: many celebrities talk about everything, while small blogs choose a certain niche.

Since the beginning of the promotion of a local brand, it is of paramount importance to attract traffic to an offline point or to the brand’s website. At first, you will need to work specifically on recognition, increase customer loyalty, and be visible.

Some brands, after advertising purchases, do not receive the expected results for the first/ second month of purchases, and they get the impression that this method of promotion is ineffective. However, it is important to plan your advertising budget correctly, test different layouts, approach the audience, and of course the bloggers themselves in order to reach the final goal.

Micro—influencer advertising is an effective way to promote local and still little-known brands in order to increase awareness, conversions, leads and subscriptions among a certain audience.

Of course, only by purchasing and testing various audiences of bloggers, offers and offers can we come to the conclusion that the money spent will pay off 100%.

Due to their focus on a specific niche and expertise, they have a greater impact on the audience, which is suitable for advertising novice and little-known brands. The big advantage of microinfluencers is that they are interested not only in commercial terms, but also in barter, which allows you to effectively allocate brand budgets and test more ways to promote without spending a lot of money.

Of course, it takes a long time to find suitable microinfluencers, but the results of this work are worth it. But if you want to get great results, but not spend days searching for suitable promotion channels, work with the best advertising agency in the UAE.

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