Celebrity PR agent and the CEO of XLI PR PR Olexis Xenakis publishes a book

Celebrity PR agent and the CEO of XLI PR PR Olexis Xenakis publishes a book

Celebrity PR agent and the CEO of XLI PR PR Olexis Xenakis publishes a book ‘How to make a brand famous in 4 months’

Olexis Isis Xenakis has gone from owning a celebrity favorite brand ‘Tzarina By Ollia’ ( clients: Beyonce, Kylie Jenner , Rita Ora, Mary J Blige and others) to establishing one of the best PR agencies in Dubai ‘XLI PR’ and to publishing a book ‘How to make a brand famous in 4 months’ .

The book takes the readers into the journey of creating a company and building a brand from zero to a stratosphere and is a must read for every entrepreneur, brand owner, influencer and model who is starting out and is looking to make it big , faster rather then later . Miss Xenakis has masterminded numerous PR campaigns not only for her own brand but for super yacht builders , five star hotels and high jewellery brands. She was able to place her own brand into the top publications, secure global distribution, skyrocket sales and make the brand into a phenomenon within four months! ‘How to make a brand famous in 4 months’ exposes the secret tricks that every PR agency uses that you can implement into your own pr and marketing strategy and copy miss Xenakis’s rapid rise to stardom. Did you know that its possible to do celebrity and influencer placements without paying a single dollar? Do you know how to attract the key industry decision makers within a few months after a start up is launched ? The strategy that the writer talks about in her book can be implemented by every business.

Olexis Xenakis ( known in the media as Ollia Tzarina, Ollia being her mother’s name ) has come a long way. From being an intern in Vogue magazine in London to working with the top names in the fashion and lifestyle industries. In 2022 she has launched her own PR Agency in Dubai ( that also serves globally) XLI PR that is specializing in Luxury PR and Personal PR and operates from its beautiful  office facing the famous Burj Khalifa tower. The agency has won an award for the most creative and effective pr campaign for a tech start up in monte carlo. The advantage that XLI PR agency has over its competitors is that the owner has been a client of PR firms for a decade, had a globally recognized fashion company and knows from her own experience what PR companies should and should not be doing when working with the clients. One of the big issues that Olexis had when working with the pr agencies : false promises and not being able to deliver . When she launched XLI PR her goal was to over deliver and to exceed clients expectations . Many pr firms are chasing their next retainer and dont care much about the client retention rate and therefore don’t think twice about signing up every company that approaches them, XLI PR chooses its clients carefully preferring to concentrate on the quality rather then quantity of its accounts . Olexis Xenakis told us ‘ We are a boutique company and we want to be passionate about every client that we sign because this way we can invest our time , efforts and provide quality of service they cant get else where, its all about the passion for us’


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