Anti-Slip Mat Advantages You Didn’t Know About

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When damp, a hard floor might be dangerous. Slips and falls are typical incidents that can cause serious damage or even death if proper measures are not followed. You do not want these situations to occur on your property as a property owner or renter.

Damp flooring is especially dangerous in some sections of your house, such as bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, and balconies. Wet flooring and slick pebbles are among the top causes of toilet accidents, particularly among the elderly, the disabled, and pregnant women.

If you know what safeguards to take, you may simply avoid these problems. The most popular and easiest technique to decrease floor slippage is to use anti-slip mats on hard floors.

Ultimate Mats sell high-quality mats to assist decrease floor sliding. Let us go through some of the benefits of using floor mats.


Slip-resistant mats improve safety in rainy circumstances. When there is water from rain or spills, hard flooring, like tiles and laminate, becomes slippery. Slips, trips, and falls accounted for 40% of industrial accidents in England (source: HSE: Preventing Slips and trips at Work). Anti-slip mats placed in potentially moist locations can help to limit the risk of injury to your personnel.

Anti-slip decking mats have a ridged backing that prevents the mat from slipping when someone walks on it. The surface ridges help keep individuals from sliding and falling as they walk on the mat, even if their shoes and the mat are wet. Anti-slip mats increase grip while also diverting water away from the standing area. They keep employees safe even if there is water or other dangers on the floor, such as oil or grease.

Ease Of Use

Anti-slip mats also boost staff productivity by increasing fatigue resistance. Anti-fatigue floor mats can be put in locations where employees must stand for extended periods; these mats can give leg, foot, and back support. Furthermore, they serve to prevent the negative health impacts that might arise from standing on hard floors without mats.


Entrance mats eliminate moisture and filth from footwear at the building’s entrance, reducing the risk of slips and falls. Walking along any UK high street in rainy weather can often reveal ‘Caution Wet Floor’ signs decorating business doorways, indicating that inadequate matting is in place. The mats must be big enough to remove all of the water from footwear and wheeled traffic while also being effective in removing, holding, and storing the dirt and water.

The majority of heavy traffic entries, such as those seen in stores, require at least 3 meters of matting length.

Simple To Maintain

Anti-fatigue mats, in most situations, require little care and may be used for many years if properly cleaned and maintained. After removing any dirt or water from the mat, it is ready for use. If you use detergent to clean, be sure the mats are chemical resistant so you don’t damage them throughout the cleaning process.


Anti-fatigue kitchen mats enhance the appearance of your room from an aesthetic standpoint. They keep dirt, dampness, and other roadway debris from getting on your floor. Anti-slip mats help maintain your business clean and professional while also keeping your employees safe.

You may select floor mats in the required style and color to suit the building’s décor, enhance the inside, and serve a useful role.

When clients and potential buyers enter your business, a unique welcome mat (with your company emblem) delivers a nice message while also keeping your floors safer.

Simple To Clean

Some carpeted mats may be cleaned quickly with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris. Some of them are even machine washable. Solid-surface anti-slip mats in the workplace may be swept, wiped down with a mop, or hosed clean. If necessary, certain office mats may be placed in dishwashers or autoclave machines, which is an excellent approach to eliminate germs on the mats.

Protection For Specific Industries

Industrial safety mats must be very effective and constitute an important component of a risk assessment if they are to provide safety and protection in potentially hazardous industrial situations. These mats protect against certain occupational risks. Some businesses require welding-safe safety mats. Some anti-slip mats protect employees from electrostatic discharge and electrical shock (ESD).

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