Are you renting your house? – Top 5 design ideas renters love

Fujiiryoki massage chairs impress

Are you planning to rent your home? Then it might not hurt to do a little touch-up to freshen up the atmosphere and attract potential tenants. Redesigning your rental space doesn’t involve as many challenges and expenses as you might be tempted to think.

How to make your home look more stylish with little effort?

A set of inspired ideas and a bit of imagination is all you need to create an inviting and tasteful home.

  • Take a look at the competition and get inspired!

Who else offers massage chairs to tenants? A leather-upholstered massage chair instantly changes people’s impression of their future home. The leather adds a luxurious touch to the space, and the nude colours allow it to blend into any style of décor. Fujiiryoki massage chairs impress with their attention to detail. The easy-to-handle design from one space to another, premium materials and personalised massage functions make up the product image that blends utility and aesthetics to perfection.

little effort

  • Walls, the calling card of the house

What’s the first thing guests notice when they cross the threshold? You guessed it: the walls. Choose the right colour for each room that resonates with the room’s role. Wall colour for the living room is essential in shaping the optimal environment for a wide range of activities. The living room is used as a sitting room, a guest room or even a working room and Pocket doors. For example, you can choose a cream, beige or pastel shade for your living room to give it that welcome sense of calm and tranquillity.

For the bedroom, select a light shade of blue, yellow for the hallways and pale green or purple for the workroom. Of course, you can go one step further with an accent wall to revitalise the room. You can choose to wallpaper it, add a huge picture, give it a contrasting colour with the rest of the items in the room or turn it into a modern, urban brick wall. Interior designers’ favourites also include wall decorations using decorative preserved lichens. Lichens don’t need to be watered, and artificial light is sufficient as a light source. Moreover, mosses can be designed on light fittings or furniture, in different geometries and sizes that surprise visitors with their originality.

  • The details that make the difference

You don’t have to resort to extensive landscaping projects to get a better price on rent. Invest in details that increase your future tenant’s comfort level. An asymmetrical coffee table, a Nordic or shaggy rug, a decorative antiqued mirror or built-in lighting fixtures are just a few of the tricks that enhance interior design.

  • Don’t place light fittings haphazardly!

Tall lamps and adjustable sconces are needed for the reading and study corner. The most popular light fittings are spotlights, pendants, ceiling lights or LED garlands. Each of these provides privacy and are also very economical thanks to LED bulbs.

  • Bring green into your home!

Set up a little plant corner with white pots of varying heights and embossed ornamental details. You can personalise windows with hanging pots of rich, flowing plants for a dynamic decor.

Studies have found that the first 7-10 seconds are decisive in forming the first impression. It only takes a few moments for people to decide whether or not they feel comfortable in a place. Use this information to your advantage. Create a comfortable environment from the start that instantly turns visitors into future tenants.

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