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If you have to transfer your car as well but are unable to operate it, moving cross-country or between states might be frustrating. When you move, you frequently have to rent a moving van since you have so many possessions to transfer that they will never fit in your car. How in the world do you move your car?

Truck transport is the technique most Americans use, according to the e-magazine Car Talk. Contact AutoStar Transport for prompt service and transportation of your car on an open or enclosed transport truck and trailer rather than googling “ship car cross country.” We don’t dictate how your car gets about; you get to decide what kind of transport trailer it rides on. We deliver it to your new front door after picking it up from your old one.

Across-Country Vehicle Transportation

According to Car Talk, you can move a car over international borders via ship or airplane, or you can move it within North America by truck or train. Because truck shipment is fast and affordable, most car owners prefer it. With this technique, you may prevent the wear and tear of a cross-country drive and the addition of miles to the odometer on your car, truck, or SUV. In addition to moving, a lot of people employ these auto-hauling services when they buy a car that is located outside of their hometown.

AutoStar Shipments with Quick Response

Your car travels quickly on an auto transporter. The vehicle will arrive one to nine days 

after you book the service, as these timely service providers cover 500 to 700 kilometers every day. You won’t have to spend even a single day in your new house without your automobile thanks to our quick service, which can ensure that your car arrives the same day you do.

Every Week, Skilled Drivers Travel Across Borders

Some people find driving a car across the nation to be extremely stressful, but not the long-haul truck drivers who operate these transport rigs! Every week, our drivers travel across the nation. We have extensive knowledge of the United States, and our drivers uphold the greatest standards of safety. Avoid the anxiety of attempting to relocate or do a cross-country road trip in your new vehicle.

Cost-effective Vehicle Transport

The price to ship your car is not the same as the price to ship your friend’s or neighbor’s car. This is so that each bespoke quote accounts for the required route and the distance your car will travel when towing a trailer.

Vehicle type influences the price as well. Transporting newer cars is more expensive, but so are transporting much older historic cars. The cost is also influenced by market conditions and gas costs.

Open and enclosed travel are the two modes of transportation that AutoStar provides. The term “open transport” describes the open-air trailers that can carry up to ten cars. These kinds of trailers are the least expensive option, but they leave your car outside in the elements.

With enclosed car transport, your car and the other vehicles are transported in a conventional semi-truck trailer with four walls, a roof, and a floor. This is a common option chosen by owners of luxury and historic cars to shield their vehicles from dust, grime, weather, and prying eyes.

Businesses Are Also Served by AutoStar

We work together with car dealerships and automakers to provide recently purchased vehicles to their new owners. Our business also transports big machinery and cars for businesses. Our transports assist companies in building America by moving construction trucks around the nation. At AutoStar, we collaborate with other businesses to guarantee our shared success.

Preparing Your Vehicle for Delivery

It is requested that you make sure your car is ready to go. Before we pick up the car, you must perform the following:

  • Make a list of all the damage the car currently has.
  • Wash the car from the inside out.
  • Take everything personal out of the car. Before putting it on the transport, it needs to be totally empty.
  • Make sure the car is operational and stays driveable. It has to be driven by the truck driver in order to get it onto the trailer platform.

Our business procedures, the law, and the insurance industry all contribute to some of the regulations governing cross-country auto shipment. Every single one of them contributes to the safety of your car and other drivers.

Reasons to Select AutoStar Transport

Since its founding in 2007 by seasoned auto transporters, we have employed over 50 highly skilled people. We moved roughly 500 cars in our first year, and we currently move about 30,000 cars annually. AutoStar credits our expansion to the superior attention we give our clients and their cars.

We value the cars that our clients own. A significant portion of our revenue is generated by returning customers who came to us during our first two or three years of operation. AutoStar is still dedicated to using sustainable business methods. To lessen our carbon footprint, we employ alternative energy and efficient logistics.

AutoStar was included in Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5000 list in 2022, which recognizes the fastest-growing businesses in the county. Within our region, the Southeast, we came in at 3,719th and 171st.

We’re expanding, but our dedication to our clients hasn’t changed. Not only do we transport cars. As we relocate them across the nation, we pledge to protect them. We currently provide our services outside of the United States. Investigate our online booking tool or get in touch with us for additional information. Our website is designed to be a digital resource for anyone who needs to ship their cars across large distances. Send us an email with your query if you can’t find the answers you need here so you can transfer your car to the location you need it.

Get a Transportation Quote by Contacting Us

We can handle the relocation of your Ford pickup, Audi automobile, or five tractors across state lines! You can get the service you require from AutoStar at reasonable prices. To get started, utilize our convenient estimate form on our website or give us a call at 888-802-8250. With our door-to-door car delivery and transportation service, click here let us assist you right now.

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