CBT: Everything You Need to Know

CBT: Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that the cannabis industry in America is worth around $13 billion?

As cannabis becomes legalized in more places and the stigma is removed, more people can learn about the wellness benefits this plant can offer. Two of the most well-known cannabis compounds are THC and CBD, but it’s important to realize that there are dozens more.

Have you ever heard of CBT and wondered what it’s all about? Continue reading this guide that will break down the differences between these compounds and what you can reap from taking CBT.

What is CBT Exactly?

CBT stands for cannabicitran, which is a rare compound that you can find in cannabis and hemp plants. A common misconception is that taking these types of compounds is illegal since they’ll get you high. THC is the compound in cannabis plants that causes this reaction to occur.

When you isolate CBT in cannabis or hemp plants, you won’t be ingesting anything illegal because there are no psychoactive effects. The unfortunate truth is that CBT hasn’t been studied as much as other cannabinoids, but this has started to change as more researchers see the great potential CBT has.

CBT Is Similar to CBD

The reason why lots of people are interested in the cbt cannabinoid is that it seems to share lots of similarities with CBD. CBT and CBD are close in the cannabinoid branches, which explains the things that they have in common. In many kinds of plants, there’s an entourage effect that causes the individual compounds to work better when paired with other compounds.

This means that taking CBT in conjunction with CBD could maximize the wellness benefits.

What Are the Benefits of CBT?

Since CBT has a lot in common with CBD, you can expect to reap a lot of the benefits CBD offers. People take CBT to help with anxiety, pain, inflammation, and a wide range of other health issues. CBT could promote overall wellness so that people can feel their best.

Since CBT hasn’t been studied as much as CBD and other cannabinoids, you should keep in mind that the exact benefits and drawbacks aren’t known. CBD and other cannabinoids haven’t proven to be dangerous in any way yet, so you can have peace of mind when taking this natural product.

Do You Want to Reap These CBT Benefits?

The world of CBT may be a bit mysterious, but the information that we do have is quite promising. If you want to get in on CBT before it becomes a massive health trend like CBD, then now is the perfect time to start shopping. Combining your CBT with your CBD products could give you the greatest results.

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