Chat with ai-BIBLE

Chat with ai-BIBLE

ai-BIBLE is a service that offers a clean and clear bible application alongside a chatGPT based ai that operates within a biblical context, you can ask it all sorts of questions about the bible and responses annotated with encyclopaedia articles, cross references and more.

The app itself has been under development over a period of 3 years and is now being publicly released. In that time it has developed through being used as a bible search tool for academic purposes, to having a beautifully designed front end for everyday use, to having chat features added to dive into areas of the bible.

The front page holds an innovatively designed bible book browser to find passages of the bible within a concise and contextual summary of the bible, where outlines of each book can be read quickly and efficiently as you browse through the verses within.

As a bible reader ai-BIBLE is clearly laid out in a line-by-line format, free from advertising, with powerful search functions and the ability to drill into any verse and expand the line of the verse to get access to original language text, cross-references, statistical information and articles around that verse.

So drop by and have a chat at

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