Complete Battle Belt Setup Guide: How to Set Up Your Battle Belt

Complete Battle Belt Setup Guide

A good belt is the foundation for a great day out at the shooting range or hunting land. Your belt is responsible for carrying everything you need, from your gun in a holster to any lights or ammunition you may need. Carrying all of this weight means it’s important to purchase a sturdy belt that you can rely on. Once you’ve selected the right belt, setting it up is where the fun starts. Read on for Nexbelt’s complete battle belt setup guide.

What is a Battle Belt?

Range belts, war belts, gun belts, and battle belts all have one thing in common – they offer a convenient way to carry your shooting essentials. They’re ideal for keeping all your tools within easy lumbuy reach, so you can focus on your target instead of fumbling around in a bag. And if you need to reload, having your magazines close at hand can save valuable seconds.

How Should a Battle Belt fit?

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect battle belt to suit your needs. Firstly, the belt should be made of tough and durable materials that won’t tear or shred over time. Nylon is usually the best choice for this. Secondly, the belt should be able to carry the weight of your items without feeling too heavy on your body.

How to Wear a Battle Belt

When choosing a battle belt, you want to consider one that will be both comfortable and accommodating to your gun holster. It’s important to find a belt that can accommodate a sturdy holster and mounting system so you can easily switch out different holsters as needed. This is especially important if you’re shooting with multiple guns.

Loading up with Ammo

A sturdy gun belt will let you carry enough magazines and ammunition so that you’re not constantly having to reload. This means more time shooting and less time spent reloading! Carrying two or three pistol magazines and another two carbine magazines is a good middle ground for many gun enthusiasts – it’s the right combination of having plenty on you without being overloaded. The amount of ammo you’ll carry depends on your personal preference.

Loading all Other Gear For a Great Day at the Range or Hunting Spot

There are many other items you may want to keep on your battle belt, and what you decide to pack that day will depend on your personal preference. Here are some items that tend to be popular among people:


Lights and optics

Medical kits

Mag pouches

Dump pouch

(Water bottles)The Best Gun Belts for the Best Sportsmen

Never settle for a subpar battle belt; instead, purchase the Titan BD Black PreciseFitTM EDC Belt from Nexbelt. It has textured nylon that is powder-coated in granite black for increased wear resistance. Our nylon straps are constructed from an innovative blend of ultra-fine polyester fibres that is formed of super-high density microfibre. If you have a CCW permit, this enables the stiffness needed for holstering your protective device. The belt’s clasp contains two set screws to provide a more secure hold than a clasp alone (a feature that is unique to Nexbelt, we are glad to add).

Unlike other inexpensive combat belts, this one is made with stainless steel set screws rather than pins. The Titan EDC belt, which measures 1.5 inches and fits waists up to 50 inches, is the ideal size for a sports enthusiast.

Discover what you’ve been missing by stepping up your game right now with a Nexbelt Titan BD Black PreciseFitTM EDC Belt.

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