Describe about Polymer-Compounders and their term of services.

Describe about Polymer-Compounders and their term of services.

Since creation in 1993 PCL have continuously expanded the item range it offers to now incorporate ABS, Polycarbonate, PC/ABS composites, ASA and other designing thermoplastics.

The adaptable assembling plant permits us to offer customized materials, as requested by your application.

What truly separates us is the help we proposition to our clients; from quick variety coordinating, remarkable specialized help and five star item quality through to adaptability on the amount requested and super-quick conveyance from creation plant in Durham, UK.

Services by polymer-compounders

Quality Commitment

The PCL intensifying cycle includes high shear blending, twin screw vacuum vented expulsion and submerged pass on face cut pellet show – all of which prompts ideal variety consistency, bunch to clump propagation and free streaming pellets bundled in either 25 kilo packs or mass compartments as required.

Application Advancement

We can assist you with new item plan and material choice. Our specialized group has a careful information on polymers and ceaselessly investigate item and specialized developments to empower you to profit from better specialized and stylish execution or efficiency. Talking about your venture from its origination permits determination of the most fitting pitch for the end-use application and your assembling interaction.

Variety Coordinating

A full variety matching help including plaques or test is accessible. We know how basic it is for you to have the option to endorse your new variety rapidly and we offer an exceptionally quick pivot.

Specialized Help

We can help you test and investigate your materials or investigate issues that might emerge during your cycle. Our exceptional research facility can quantify variety, polymer design and structure as well as mechanical, warm and combustibility properties. We likewise have joins with outside organizations to build our testing and investigation limit.


Our PC-ABSCOM™ items are mixes of Polycarbonate and ABS. By playing on the extent of the fundamental parts and by adding added substances, for example, fire resistant, heat, UV stabilizers and shades we can convey a scope of items to suit your necessities. The utilization of PC ABS tars is suggested for slight wall applications.

Our PC/ABS compound grades (PC-ABSCOM) are oftentimes utilized in the auto business.

Here are our fundamental grades. Tapping on a particular grade name will give you admittance to a rundown of the datasheet. On the off chance that you require a full datasheet, with more experimental outcomes and subtleties on the handling proposals, kindly go here. If the datasheets for the polymer intensifies you’re searching for are not on there, kindly reach us straightforwardly at Polymer Compounders and one of the group will gladly help you. Each datasheet has been created by an organization working to an ISO9001:2015 standard and ought not be taken to be endorsed or authorized by the inspector to this norm.

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