Effects of Your Credit Rating On The Borrowing Cost

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Imagine that you are in sudden need of money yet you are not able to get it because your credit score is very low. This is the reality of the world that we live in. In this social credit system, if your credit score is low, then you will face a lot of difficulty in getting the desired loans, mortgages, cards or other things.

One of the things that come as a rescue for those who need some instant cash is that they can get a payday loan easily. The benefits of a payday loan are that they are not dependent on your bad credit score. Even if you have a bad credit score you will be eligible for the payday instant loan. You can easily borrow up to 1500 pounds in the UK.

One of the best ways to borrow bad credit loans online is to borrow them from LoanPig. At loan pig, they understand that you might have encountered some urgent need for cash. It is possible that your car needs a repair or that you have come across some urgent and unexpected bill. It becomes very necessary that you have quick access to cash in such a case.

Loanpig ensures that you get the desired loan without any undue delay. Their formalities are completely online and no paperwork is involved. They will ask you for a few relevant details like your income proof, etc. This is necessary to ascertain whether you will be able to repay the loan or not. Further, they do not even ask for any type of security.

Their unsecured loans are best for those people who have no assets to put on the line as security. Further, they do not dig into your past credit history thus making it the best source to take loans for those who have a bad credit history in the past.

What are the effects of poor credit ratings?

There are many parameters on which bankers give you a credit score. This score is based on the information that the banks are already in possession of and the information that you provide them. The lender puts this data in automated software, which generates a credit score for you. These ratings are then used to determine whether you are eligible for a loan or not.

If you have a poor rating, then the following things might happen:

1- You will be charged a higher interest rate on the loan

2- Your credit limit will be smaller than the others’

3- More often than not, your credit application will be declined

Lenders don’t charge the same interest from everyone who comes to them. Some lenders operate based on what’s called ‘rate-for-risk’ pricing. This is where the rate you get depends on the risk they think you represent of not repaying on time.


You must get your credit score right. If you have a bad credit score, then you will face a lot of difficulties in getting a loan or a mortgage.

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