How to choose the gift for the new house? Top 6 rules to watch out for

a massage chair with footrest

Moving into a new home marks a special chapter in the lives of homeowners. It is certainly an investment to which the happy owners want to dedicate a festive moment. Whether you’ve been invited to a new house party or you’re just looking for a suitable gift for your new tenants, your best interest is to give them something useful and aesthetic. It could be a set of glasses, a piece of furniture, decorations appropriate to your interior design style and the list goes on. But if you want your gesture to match the needs of your new homeowners, then discover in the following lines a set of inspiring gift ideas and ‘So don’t’ rules to guard against poor choices.

Gifts should reflect the relationship you have with the recipient: what you need to know before making a decision

Moving into a new home requires many household items for everyday needs. Start your search with practical products first and then move on to symbolic, decorative or personalised items. Of course, the choice of a new home gift is also influenced by the relationship you have with your landlords.

  • Pieces of furniture

If someone in your family has recently bought a home, then you can help them out with a piece of furniture that you know they want: a massage chair with footrest such as the Fujiiryoki models, a coffee table, a set of stools for the balcony or a chic coat rack.


  • Household appliances

Another ingenious gift idea is household appliances. Take a discreet interest and find out what your homeowners might need in the way of appliances. If they already have the main appliances in their home, then you can surprise them with a juicer, upright blender, coffee or waffle maker, toaster, etc.

  • Objects for the yard and garden

Have your friends moved into a house with a garden? What could be nicer for them than receiving a set of decorative pots, a hammock, a rocking chair or gardening tools as a gift?

  • Bed linen/kitchenware made of quality materials

The series of ”always welcome” gift ideas for the new home could not miss the crockery, cutlery and bed linen sets. To be on the safe side, go for neutral, elegant shades for any style of furnishing. In some kitchens, crockery also has a decorative role, so avoid bright colours or bright prints. Opt for sturdy stainless steel cutlery and cotton bed linen.

  • Hobby” gifts for close friends or colleagues

For your friends you can choose gifts from the hobby range. A board game, a yoga mat, a painting easel will be appreciated for their originality.

  • Non-conformist gifts

You can complete the gift for your colleagues or friends with out-of-the-ordinary items. For example, a mug in a special shape or one with LEDs. A carpet printed with a funny message. A fancy lamp, a handmade armchair cover, monogrammed towels, a handmade photo frame/album, if they had a pet a customized pet portrait, a wall clock with a minimalist design, a vintage wine in a beautifully packaged box with a message, decorative items in the form of musical instruments or a set of decorative cushions will make a distinct note with the rest of the gifts received elsewhere.

Why should the following gift ideas be crossed off the list?

As you’ve already noticed, you’ve got the ideal gifts to choose from for new owners, whether it’s a relative, a friend or a work colleague. However, it’s precisely this diversity of ideas that can lead you to less than inspired choices. There are a range of products that should never be given as gifts unless the recipient has expressed a wish to do so.

  • Pets

A pet is a responsibility and an expense that some people are unwilling to take on.

  • Religious objects

Religion is more a part of one’s intimate life, so avoid giving your loved ones statues, icons and other symbols that refer to this area.

  • Souvenirs

When you decide to give your loved ones a new housewarming gift, then you have a choice of practical, decorative or a combination of both. Fridge magnets, mugs with the names of cities you’ve visited, holiday statues are a few examples that don’t fall into either category.

  • Cosmetics

Personal care products can be offered in another context. Possibly, if you know that the hostess really wants a fragrance from a favourite brand, then you can make an exception to the rule.

  • Vouchers

Like cosmetics, vouchers are also the kind of non-symbolic gifts that suit other occasions. A shopping voucher is welcome at Christmas, for example. For the new house, choose to buy decorative items or appliances for the home directly.

When it comes to gifts for the new home, most people perceive this as a challenge. In reality, it’s not. Think about what you would like to receive if you were them. Consider the type of relationship you have with your homeowners, consider their passions or lifestyle and follow the guidelines above.

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