How to Choose Throw Pillow Size?

standard size for throw pillows

You might have been familiar with the term “throw pillow,” if you’ve never purchased one of these ornamental pillows previously, you may even be curious about what you should look for. Decorative pillows are indeed the best accent for any room because their shape stays the same throughout time. However, where do you even begin with all the possibilities? Furthermore, how big are commonly used decorative pillows?

You don’t have to go with the basic 18″ rectangular throw pillows; there is a huge universe of options around nowadays!

Casper has decorative pillows in every form and size imaginable, from standard squares to velvet pillows.

Normal Dimensions

Variety is the spice of life when it comes to throwing pillows. This same 18″ x 18″ size, in general, and especially, stands out among the other common dimensions.

What’s the point of a pillow that’s roughly the size of a standard square? This standard size for throw pillowsworks with many different pieces of furniture, from sofas to love seats. But if 18 by 18 inches isn’t your style, don’t worry; there’s no hard and fast rule for the dimensions of features brown. Whatever you like best, please select!

Trying to figure out what diameter pillow would be ideal for you? Picking a suitable sham size requires some thought. What criteria do you use to pick out a new cushion? A throw pillow’s style is determined by its layers, the form of furniture it will be placed on, and its intended use. Let’s look at how they affect the dimensions of your throw pillows.


The most important aspect of choosing a throw pillow’s dimensions? To put tables and chairs at household.

It’s not a good idea to pair a lower back pillow with just a sitting room, for example. Think about the item of furniture the pillow will be placed on before shopping for a complementary accent pillow.

Sofas and loveseats in a smaller size can accommodate two people and provide some extra space for decorative pillows. Only one velvet pillow can do the trick all along the back, or you can use one or multiple Euro pillowcases stacked at the edges.

Sofas that seat many people have plenty of room for experimenting with different arrangements of throw pillows. Pillow options include the lumbar, shoulder roll, and Euro. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t bring upwards of one blanket per pillow segment of your seat.

One Euro throw cushion or a round pillow is all that’s needed to adorn a single settee. If you get too big, you might not have enough room to sit comfortably.

Bedspreads – The number of pillows you can use on your bed varies with the size of your bed. California A king-sized bed, perhaps? Put a pile of decorative pillows on top of your bed pillows. A neck wrap or a square layout can serve as a stunning focal point. Is that a dual bed I, see? One small Euro blanket is all that’s needed to fill the room.

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