Looking Back: What Were 2023’s Best Investments

ticker symbol NVDA

The overall investment markets have continued to be volatile over the past few years. Following a strong recovery from COVID declines in 2020 and 2021, the markets were very tumultuous in 2022. Towards the beginning of 2023, there started to be some recovery. While interest rates and other economic factors are continuing to have an impact on the overall market, some investments have performed quite well throughout 2023. Looking back, there were several investments in 2023 in particular that performed well.

Nvidia Stock

One individual company stock that has performed extremely well in 2023 is Nividia, which trades under ticker symbol NVDA. This stock had a very poor 2022. Following hitting a previous peak of just over $300 per share in November 2021, the stock dropped all the way down to around $110 per share by the end of 2022. However, it has gone through a consistent bull run this past year with shares increased to well over $400 per share in October 2023. The increase in value is due to the company’s continued investment in AI and other sectors that have performed well.

Meta Stock

Another tech company that had a strong 2023 is Facebook’s parent company, Meta Platform. This stock, which trades under the ticker symbol META, has had very strong returns. From the start of January 2023 until October 2023, the stock has risen nearly 150%. The company has had a number of strong investments that were popular with both consumers and investors. This includes creating rival platforms Reels and Threads, which compete directly with other social media platforms. The company has also continued to invest in AI and VR technology.

Pepe Coin

While crypto overall is still down compared to its highs in 2021, some coins have performed well throughout the year. One crypto coin that has done well is the Pepe coin. This coin had a very dramatic increase in value in the second quarter of 2023 and is still well above its starting point. This has shown that there is a lot of potential in crypto coins, but investors should still be careful when investing. Using certain tools today, such as token security detection, can help you make informed decisions when investing in crypto coins.

Carvana Stock

Another unique stock that performed well through 2023 is Carvana stock, which trades under CVNA. This company is an online retailer or used vehicles, which performed well during the beginning of the pandemic. However, reduced inventory and other challenges led the stock to decline over 95% to around $4 per share at the beginning of 2023. Due to normalization of inventory and improved financial performance, the stock has rebounded very well. It has reached a high point of over $40 per share in the third quarter of 2023.

Fixed Rate Savings Accounts

For those that have been interested in investing, various fixed rate savings accounts and bonds have also been attractive. Following a decade of low interest rates, consumers once again see a lot of value in CDs and other savings accounts. Today, there are many CDs, bonds, and other fixed rate investments that pay returns well over 5%. Compared to the current inflation rates, this can prove to be a sound investment. However, it is important to keep your eye on changes in inflation rates to determine if these investments continue to be practical.

While 2023 as a whole has been an up and down year, there have been some investments that have continued to perform well. These investments have generally performed well due to the companies making smart investments in technology and other sectors that both consumers and investors are interested in.

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