Top 5 Small Business Ideas With Low Budget

Top 5 Small Business Ideas With Low Budget


Many things that start a business is a complicated ‘business.’ Getting contracts, permissions, hiring, firing, and all the shenanigans.

However, you do not always have to worry about them when starting a business. Especially when you are starting a small business from the comforts of your home, and not to mention-

On a low budget!

Keep reading to find out more!

Excellent Small Business Ideas!

Sitting at home, nothing to do!

Here are some of the excellent small business ideas you can start with and manifest your dream of being an entrepreneur.

1. Start A Subscription Audiobook Service

Because of the busy schedules and the time crunches, we have avid readers burying their hobbies in the back of their minds. However, there is one thing which has always saved them.


If you are a bookworm yourself and wish to do business out of that passion, then why not start recording audiobooks? Now the trouble is, people find audiobooks for free everywhere. So, if you want people to actually pay for your service, then make it worth the hype.

First, you will need to record and edit all your audiobooks professionally. Listen to as many audiobooks as you can to get the hang of it, and then download some of the best audio editing tools from the pirate bay for free.

You have to show your potential audience that this is a premium quality audiobook service which they cannot find in those free ones. Start social media promoting it while you are at it.

2. Digital Marketing Consultancy

If you are a pro at content marketing, SEO, and social media marketing, then you have the three golden tools to start a digital marketing consultancy firm. Since the business idea is small for now, you can begin with these three, but with every new expansion, you can add new skills to the team.

The best part about this business is that the more visible your business is in the digital world, the more your credibility increases. The work you do to promote your clients and for yourself is almost the same.

Therefore, your company itself is the biggest portfolio for you to show!

3. Online Tutoring Services

You are good at something, but the skills are just growing rust? Bring them back out again for the public’s betterment. Whether it is fluency in a language, playing an instrument like a pro, or being excellent in calculus, there is someone out there in need of a tutorial.

Business rule number 1 is that if you can monetize something, never do it for free. Therefore, start your first business as a tutor, and with online collaboration medium ease, you do not have to worry about which geographical location your students come from.

4. Online Food Delivery

Are you an excellent chef? Or, bake some of the mouth-filling sweet delights? Then why not start your very own online kitchen and bakery? The food you deliver could be something as simple as someone’s lunch, or you could be baking someone’s three-tier anniversary cake.

The possibilities to experiment with your skills are endless!

You could be creating art in your kitchen. But, at the same time, you are your own boss, successfully monetizing your own passion. Soon you can expand by having a website, social media presence, or even showing your skills over TikTok, which can gain you quite some following.

5. Vintage Etsy Store

We all have old items lying all around our house, and with the craze of vintage, even old coins, dollar bills, and magazine editions are being sold for hundreds of dollars. If you can open your own Vintage Etsy store and give them genuine vintage products, your business can skyrocket.

You can start with selling the one you already have, and when it starts taking off, you can start warehousing. Buying in bulk and then making a profit out of the items.

Start Your Business Today!

One of the best elements of these business ideas is that you need some or almost no investment to start them.

You can literally start a website today, optimize your social media, and you are on the way to becoming the next entrepreneur of your family.

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